5 awesome ways on how to soundproof an apartment door

5 awesome ways on how to soundproof an apartment door

Soundproofing a room is always a hectic job, isn’t it? Whenever I think about soundproofing the room or an apartment door it makes me confuse with the materials and structural changes. Now, if you are living in an apartment so your owner will not allow you to create structural changes in the room, right? And that’s why you want to soundproof without any structural changes! So, don’t worry about this! We are here to help you and today we are going to discuss “how to soundproof an apartment door”.

The best way to soundproof an apartment door is to use the weather stripping. You can use weather strip tape to soundproof an apartment door. The weather strip tapes are made up of fiberglass which is a good sound absorbing material. The adhesive strip makes it super easy to install and make your door soundproof!

But hold on! We have other ways also to soundproof the door. Just keep reading the articles to get the better resolutions.

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So, without wasting any single moment, let’s dive into on how to soundproof an apartment door.

Use weather strips

Weather strip tapes is not only for garage doors but it can also be used too block the noise. There are so many people who uses weather strip to block the unwanted noise. Having adhesive strips makes it super easy to implement it and install it.

This weather strip is use to fill the small gaps or large gaps from where the noise is coming. You just have to fill the door gaps through these weather strip.

The best thing is you can also use these weather strips to block the gaps of windows. Always remember, even a small gap can generate good amount of noise. So, it becomes really important to block those gaps in order to make your door soundproofing.

Try to use rubber door sweeps

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You know, bottom gap of the door is the biggest gap? A lot of noise can pass through this gap, some time even insects can pass through this gap. So, it is important to block this gap.

Now, to block this gap door sweeps are the best things to go with. They can be easily attached with the doors and can block the noise coming from outside.

you can use rugs to soundproof the door

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Soundproofing the door with the help of rugs is one of the easiest way. Rugs doesn’t only make your room soundproof but also give some decor to your room. The best thing about using rugs is they are super easy to install and doesn’t need any structural changes to your door.

Just keep in mind while buying the rug that it should be heavy enough to block the noise. Heavy rugs are always better to block the noise.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

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When people ask how to soundproof an apartment door? Quilted Fiberglass Panels is one of the common answer. It is really easy to install, can block the door gaps properly, can block the unwanted noise and even reduce the echoes.

Use blankets to soundproof an apartment door

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You probably know that blankets are good sound absorber. Blankets can easily block the unwanted sounds that is coming from outside.

Just install a curtain rood on the door and hang the blanket and you’ll see the magic of silence!


So, these were the best methods to soundproof an apartment door. I hope you go the answer of “how to soundproof an apartment door”.

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