5 reasons why people use blue porch light and meaning

5 reasons why people use blue porch light and meaning

Have you ever saw blue light bulb in porch of many people? Have you ever thought why people uses blue porch light? What is the benefits of blue porch light? What blue porch light meaning is? Should I also use blue porch light at my porch? So, don’t worry! In this post we are going to discuss about in depth meaning of blue porch light. Here, we will try to understand all the possible things related to blue porch light colors.

We will begin our journey by understanding the meaning of blue porch light and then we will see what are the benefits of using blue porch light and will finally end the articles with some best lamp that you can buy.

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5 reasons why people use blue porch light

You must have saw so many blue bulbs in the porch of many people. Especially, in United States. Blue is the color that signifies calmness, trust and loyalty. Blue color brings a positive attitude in mind. It conveys the message of strength, responsibility, spirituality and peace. The story doesn’t end here, blue porch light means a lot! Keep reading this article to know most popular meanings of blue bulb.

1. blue porch light – A sign of peace

Yes, blue porch light is a sign of peace. Many people uses blue porch light just because it bring calmness, relax the mood and refresh the mind. Along with calmness and relaxation it also promotes the spirituality and peace of mind.

2. To spread awareness about World Autism Awareness Day.

United Nations General Assembly held in 2007 declares 2nd April as World Autism Awareness Day. Autism initiated a campaign called “Light it up blue”. From this time people started using blue light on porch to spread awareness about World Autism Awareness Day.

3. To respect police and their family

Have you ever notice the light color of police’s van? It’s blue color, right? Hence, many people in United States use blue bulb to appreciate and respect the police officers to motivate them. After all, police officers do their best to protect us from various problems. And, we should definitely appreciate them.

4. A sign of safe place

Blue porch light also indicates that “this home is safe home”. If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way or you are in problem or in threat so you can simply knock the door of these homes. The owner of these home will help you and make you feel relaxed.

5. To prohibit the use of drugs

In many homes blue porch light is use and even in many bathrooms to prohibit the use of drugs. Blue color makes difficult to see the veins and make difficult to take drug injections. We should also use blue light color to prohibit this kind of activities.

But, what is the most common meaning of blue porch light?

Most of the people use blue porch light to spread the awareness of World Autism Awareness Day and to respect, appreciate the police and their family. This is the most common meaning of blue bulbs in porch.

But, keep in mind that meaning of the blue porch light changes from people to people and from region to region. It all depends upon your way of considering blue porch light. You can use it to either spread the awareness of World Autism Awareness Day or to appreciate the police officers or to prohibit the drug use and many more.

What are the different porch lamp that I can buy?

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Some FAQ’s on blue color

What is the spiritual meaning of blue color in United States?

The most important thing for us is sky and water. If you’ll see, they both are blue in visibility. Hence, it signifies the life, calmness, peace and relaxation.

Should I use blue bulb in my porch?

Yes! You should use blue bulb in your porch. It signifies the great meaning.

Is their any negative meaning of blue light?

To be straight forward, No! Blue color has always represented good positive meanings.

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