Sarri points out team’s lack of sharpness among themselves

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Maurizio Sarri, the boss of Lazio, pointed out that the team’s lack of sharpness in finishing strokes during Saturday’s 2-0 home defeat to Atalanta in Serie A. past

“Blue-White Eagles” form has been weak in the league for two games ufabet in a row and lost to Juventus, eliminated from the Coppa Italia, and recently played a league game at home, losing to Atalanta with David’s goal. De Zappacosta and Rasmus Hoilund 

Sarny pointed out that in this game, the team lacked sharpness among themselves and losing the second ball made the team fall out of the game. But confirmed that he will fight for the European football title until the end

“We totally lost after the second goal was pierced. It wasn’t a bad start. We had the opportunity to take the lead and equalize. But when we failed, the opportunity went back to them and we let it waste the second. We can’t come back,” Sarri told Sky Sport Italia.

“There were battles during the season. We will not give up this war. There are still 16 games to play. The table is very even and we cannot think about giving up now. There is a team that is more ready ahead of us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try our best.”