5 Best Scratch Resistant cooktop in 2021 | expert guide

5 Best Scratch Resistant cooktop in 2021 | expert guide

From making a cup of coffee to your favorite, delicious dishes. From morning breakfast to evening dinner. In all our day-to-day life the cooktop plays an important role. This is something we can call the “heart” of our beautiful kitchen. But the scratches on the cooktop makes it super ugly, right? And, now you are here to find best scratch resistant cooktop.

This is why we are here. We have done all the research, puts our efforts in order to provide you the best scratch resistant cooktop that suits your need and your pocket toot!

Before we go further, we would love to tell you that we believe in transparency and hence we want to tell you that our recommendation contains affiliate links which doesn’t affect the price of the product. In fact, we get some commissions if you purchase via our links. This commission helps us to improve our quality, research, and analysis of the products to give you a better experience and better recommendations.

Now, let’s move a bit deeper in the research and let’s see which cooktop is the perfect fit for you. 

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Things to consider before you purchase the best scratch resistant cooktop

I know it’s taking a little extra time to discuss the recommendations, but believe me having clear cuts features will definitely help you to choose your perfect cooktop that suits your budget and needs. 

Let’s see what are the core things that must be considered before you buy a cooktop, especially scratch resistant cooktop. 

check the size of the cooktop:

There are cooktops that are ranges from as small as 12 inches and as big as 48 inches. Most of the cooktop has been designed in 30 to 36 – inches wide sizes. The cooktop with this size ranges generally have 5 or 6 burning cooking zones or burners. Keep in mind that bigger the size, higher the cost is. For most of the famliy a cooktop with 30-36 inches is perfect. 

All kinds of sizes whether it is 48 inch cooktop or a 12 inch cooktop or an average sized cootop(30-36 inch), they all have their own important roles in a perticular family. Just think about your family size and choose you the cooktop that suits your need. 

which type of cooktop do you want to buy:

Cooktop comes with three types of fuel consumption sources. The first one is the gas consumption, another one is consumes electricity and the third one is induction cooktop which is a bit faster.

All of them have their own merits and demerits. Here we are not going deep into that but just keep in mind that gas is little costly comparing to electricity. The another thing to notice is that you can get the better idea of heat consumption while using gas and electronic cooktop gives digital temperature control. 

Durability is must:

This is one of the most important thing that you must consider. We don’t want to recommend a product that becomes useless in just 6 months or 12 months, neither you want to buy them. Our suggestion is, always try to go with some trusted brand that has a reputation in the market. We are not saying that new brands are bad but it’s up to you!

Now, to understand the  durability of ceramic cooktop you can visit here.

don’t forget the safety:

Yes, this is the thing that no one want to take risk over it. Everyone wants safety in a product that they want to purchase. But, for this product you have to be more concerned for the safety.

No one want to buy a product that over heats, whose flames are uncontrollable, etc. Try to go with the branded products and give a swipe look at the reviews, especially the bad one! The bad reviews of the cooktop will give you an idea of most often issues faced by the users. 

how easy it is to use:

No one wants to buy a product that is hard to use. What is the use of the product if it takes a huge time to adjust the temperature or flames level? No one wants this kind of product. Look at the cooktop whether it has a digital screen or not. The digital screen is easier to use and handle as compared to manual cooktops. 

Best scratch resistant cooktop

1. ECOTOUCH 12″ Radiant Electric Cooktop

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This is one of the widely used cooktops and a famous one among the users. Being a small cooktop it consumes less space and it really becomes perfect for small kitchens. It is perfect for all kinds of dishes that you want to make for your favorite foodies.

It comes with 2 electric burner with high power of 2000W and 1200W each.  The two burners are are made up of premium europe heating elements which heats the burner instantly without any delay. 

It comes with so many features that you can play with(not really to play). It comes with 9 levels of settings that helps to perform various task at tip of your finger. You can get the precise control over the power usage. You can pause the burner whenever you want. Not only this, even you can set the timer too. 

The story doesn’t end here only, moving further it comes with some decent smart features. It has auto shutdown smart technology that shutdown the burner as soon as the timer gets up or the burner gets overheat. This saves from the overheating of the burner and has a residual heat indicator. It also comes with a child lock facility that ensures that no child can play with it. 

 For your ease to understand here is the keys features of the cooktop. Afterall, no one wants to read long paras!

what we like?
  • Best for small kitchen and small family
  • High power burners (2000W and 1200W)
  • 9 level settings for precise control
  • Over Temprature protection
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Child lock
  • Light weight (10.8 pounds)
  • Ceramic glass
what we dislike?
  • Not good for big family

2. 12″ GASLAND Chef IH30BF ceramic Cooktop 

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This is another one that is ranking in our list of the best scratch resistant cooktop. This shiny looking descent cooktop also comes with 2 burners. The heating capacity of the burners ranges from 1500W to 3500W. Both of the burners are fast enough and instantly get heat. So, you will not have to wait to be heated. 

It also comes with a digital sensor screen which makes cooking easier and easy to track the temperatures. This cooktop comes with 9 power levels that can help you to change the heating level as per your need. 

This cooktop has so many smart functions. It comes with overheating protection that automatically shut down the burner as soon as the burner gets overheated. It also has a child lock function. One more feature that it has is, it can detect the small particles near its burner. 

Coming to the final words for this product. This cooktop is highly efficient for small kitchens and for a small family. It comes with all the necessary features that any chef(you) want! Nothing to worry about, go ahead and purchase it. 

Here is the quick snap of the discussion – 

What we like?
  • Good for small kitchen
  • 9 power levels to control over heating
  • High power burners
  • Over temprature protection
  • Auto shutdown
  • Child lock
  • Ligh Weight(9.3 pounds)
  • Ceramic glass surface
What we dislike?
  • Only for small family
  • Over priced

3. 36″ GASLAND Chef CH90BS 240V Ceramic Cooktop

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When you want a decent cooktop with ceramic glass over the surface and want large enough space to fulfill your needs this one is the perfect fit for you. It has all the features that anyone wants in a cooktop. 

It’s elegant high-quality design makes every foodie to fall in love. The vitro ceramic glass over the surface and bakelite knobs make it super shiny which gives decent style to your beautiful kitchen. 

It come with 5 cooking zones which is perfect for any big family. You can cook multiples tasty dishes at once. How awesome, right? The two 6.5 inches cooking zone has a maximum 1200 Watt power capacity, the other two with 7.9 inches cooking zone has 1800 Watt power capacity and the middle one has a maximum power capacity of 2200 Watt. It simply implies that this cooktop has a decent power supply that instantly heats the burner. 

It comes with a mechanical knob control system with 7 power levels. The 7 power levels helps you to switch from one heating intensity to the other heating intensity. 

It has one more fantastic feature “hot surface reminder”. When the surface of the burner gets hot the a signal appears on the surface “H”. It helps you to warn that the surface is hot. 

With ceramic glass over the surface it becomes really easy to clean and wash. 

What we like?
  • Huge enough (5 cooking zones)
  • Ceramic glass coating
  • Huge power capacity
  • 7 Power levels
  • Hot surface reminder
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable bakelite knobs
What we dislike?
  • No digital display to track
  • Not a pocket friendly

4. 36″ Built-in Induction Cooktop, GASLAND Chef IH90BF 240V Electric Induction Hob

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This is another famous scratch resistant cooktop which is famous among the user. It also comes with 5 burning zones that help you to cook your tasty dishes much faster. All the cooking zones come with decent heating power. The two zones are 7.1 inches round with the capacity of 1800W power, the other two coking zones are 7.1 inches with a capacity of 2000W power, and the last one fixed in the middle with 8.3 inches round space comes with 2000W power. The power is really good if you want to make your food faster. 

It also comes with the digital tracking screen that helps you to track your heating intensity very clearly. It has 9 power levels with touch screen display which makes it easy to switch between the heating capacity. The touch screen display makes it easy to use and handle. 

It also comes with multiple protection functions that help you to ensure proper safety. It comes with a child lock protection that helps you to save your child from the heated cooktop. The overheating protection automatically adjusts the heating intensity that saves your cooktop from overheating. It has auto-shutoff features that automatically shut down the cooktop in case of any emergency. This can also detect small articles near the cooking zone.

It comes with a timer option also. You can set timer to remind your self for some important work. You can also set timer for auto shutdown of the cooktop. 

All the features makes it user friendly and force the users to fall in live with it. 

What we like?
  • Huge space( 5 cooking zones)
  • High heating power
  • Touch screen display
  • Easy to use
  • 9 power levels
  • Overheating protection
  • Child lock function
  • Auto shutdown feature
  • Timer
What we dislike?
  • Costly
  • Very heavy(15 Kg)

5. Empava 36″ Bulit-in Tempered Glass Gas Cooktops

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This is another one that is good for those who want the burning flames in their cooktop. This is big enough for a big family. It comes with 5 made in Italy SABAF burner which good. It’s good enough to make your food faster and in the easiest way. 

All the cooking burners have two types of nozzle for gas viz LPG and NG that deliver the same maximum BTU(British Thermal Unit). All the flames work with fuel consumption only and don’t work on electricity. 

It also comes with auto-shutoff protection technology that detects the leakage of the fuel and shut down the burner. These features ensure your family’s safety. 

It comes with a sealed burner that prevents the falling of food and keeps your burner neat, clean, and makes it easy to clean. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about the stains of food inside the burner. 

It comes with stain and heat discoloration resistant tempered glass that helps increases the durability of the cooktop. 

What we like?
  • 5 Burners
  • Huge heating capacity
  • Two types of nozzles(LPG and NG)
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Tempered glass protection
  • Drable knobs
What we dislike?
  • No digital display

6. Empava 36″ Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners

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This is another and last one on our list. This is also one of the decent electric cooktops that will definitely suit your need. 

It comes with 5 cooking zones that instantly heats the cooking zones. This is perfect for your big family and for foodie guys. 

It comes with a smooth tempered glass surface that helps you to clean the surface easily and effortlessly. 

This cooktop comes with smart 9 heating levels which help you to switch from one heating intensity to another heating intensity. 

It also comes with a heat indicator feature that warns you whenever the cooking zones are hot and indicates “H”. This one also comes with a child lock feature that keeps your children safe from the cooktop. 

What we like?
  • Large capacity(5 cooking zones)
  • Intense heat system
  • Hot surface indicator
  • Child lock feature
  • 9 heat level settings
  • Touch screen display
What we dislike?
  • Over priced

Keep your cooktop free from scratched – quick tips

Before you buy any product, we want to inform you that non of the product is 100% scratch resistant cooktop and it also impossible to find this kind of product because non of the manufacturer build this kind of product. 

All the things, scratches, durability, and other stuff depends upon your way of use. The better you will use, the better the durability will be and the worst you will use, the worst the durability will be. At the end of the day, it all depends upon your ways of using it. 

Below are some pro tips that will help your cookop, free from scratches. 

Keep the bottom of the cookware clean as clean as you can – 

Dirty bottoms of the cookware are the most common ways to get scratches on cooktops. Try to keep the bottom of the cookware neat and clean. This tip will definitely prevent scratches on your cooktop. 

Try to clean the spills as soon as they falls –

Spills are also another way to get the scratches on the cooktop. Try to clean the spills as soon as they fall on the glass of the cooktop. 

Do not slide the cookware on the surface – 

Try not to slide the cookware over the surface of the cooktop. The sliding of the cooktop creates friction that in turn creates the scratches on the surface of the cooktop. 

Try to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer – 

In most of the products, the manufacturer provides its guidelines to use the product. Try to follow them as much as possible. Most of the manufacturer gives their pro tips. 

A good bye note

hope you found the answer to the query about best scratch resistant cooktop. We have tried our best to answer. We hope you love our suggestion and if yes, come back soon! 

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