cheap insulation ideas for shed that you must try

cheap insulation ideas for shed that you must try

Are you planning to insulate your shed? If yes, then this will be your promising guide as it will provide you with the best cheap insulation ideas for shed. 

Whether it’s your metal shed, shed roof, the floor of the shed, or pre-built shed, insulating your shed will provide warmth,  dryness, and long-lasting, thus allowing you to make maximum use of it, is an excellent way.

Now, before we move ahead and see cheap insulation ideas for shed. Let’s see how shed insulation can help you? Insulating your shed with cheap insulation materials will furnish you with the below liberties:

Regulating temperature – Insulating your shed will regulate the temperature from extreme cold and heat. This will help in creating the ideal environment to store and maintain your tools and equipment in the best way.

Providing a spacious areaInsulating your shed gives a bit attractive look and can transform a storage area into a mini-retreat, office shed, or place to pursue your hobby.

Durability – Insulating your shed protects from humidity and severe temperature changes. Also prevents insects, mold, and rotting.

What is Shed?

Before we see the cheap insulation ideas for shed, it’s important to understand what exactly a shed is. A shed is a structure constructed to provide shelter which is usually built-in gardens or for storage in workshops.

Larger sheds are used in farms or industries and smaller sheds include wooden or plastic floors.

There can be different types of shed depending upon the need and purpose of use. Different types of sheds includes:

Agricultural Shed – These include large sheds used in farms for various agricultural purposes. They are simple in a structure having a roof on top usually open, partially walled or fully enclosed. They are used to store equipment used for various agricultural purposes, tools, hay, farm animals like cattle, horses, poultry, etc.

Vehicle Shed – Every home has this vehicle shed to protect their cars, bikes, cycles, etc. This is usually a roofed structure that is either open or partially walled.

Garden Shed – Small shelter houses built in gardens to store seeds, soil, hoses, portable sprinklers or garden tools, etc.

Storage Shed – These are used to store any items, goods, tools, equipment, etc. Usually built near homes, industries, workshops, etc.

Why you must insulate your shed?

At lower temperatures, condensation causes an increase in moisture, making the area remain damp for a longer time thus damaging your items you store.

Insulating your shed will provide you with great relief and is more durable. It effectively helps in regulating the temperatures at any season, thus, making your commodities remain safe and moisture-free.

It also controls external heat flow, increases the effectiveness and efficiency of lighting fixtures. Also helps in reducing external noise.

It is highly recommended to chose proper insulation material based on R-value. R-value describes how the material prevents conductive airflow or heat transfer in a better way. It is expressed as resistance to the heat transfer of material multiplied by its thickness. As the R-value increases, resistance also increases.

We will further discuss the cheap insulation ideas for shed like metal shed, the shed roof, the floor of the shed, and the prebuilt shed. Also, ways you can insulate your shed with Celotex and polystyrene. This will help in providing you a better idea before you proceed to insulate your shed, thus aiding in proper insulation, providing great results.

Cheap insulation ideas for metal shed

Metal sheds are cheap and provide excellent storage areas. Since metal is a good conductor of heat, the internal temperature matches the external temperature. If the external temperature is low the internal temperature will also be low. Thus, the water vapor inside condenses and beads on the roof. This causes rusting of the metal shed. 

To eradicate this problem, insulating your metal shed with cheap insulation materials will provide you with great comfort being budget-friendly.

Due to the thermal properties of metal, choosing the right insulation for metal sheds differs for different types of shed. For insulation of metal shed, you can use the following techniques.

Fiberglass batting/blanket insulation – This is the cheapest way of insulating the metal shed. Fiberglass offers a better R-value around R-13 for 4 inches.

Faced fiberglass batt rolls are most ideal to use in insulating in a metal shed. Faced part maybe vinyl, plastic, or paper composite is useful for metal sheds. The facing protects the moisture from the environment entering the fiberglass so that it does not alter the R-value.

Blanket insulation is rolled insulation that can be cut to provide a specific width/length.

Rigid foam board– Derived from polymers (polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, and polyurethane). They provide better insulating value per thickness compared to other materials.

It is used on the floor of the metal shed. Foam has excellent moisture resistance, hence, it is best used in insulating shed floor applications.

This is an excellent option and the cheapest way of insulating a metal shed. ISO rigid foam boards provide the highest R-value per inch of any other foam product such as EPS or XPS.

Installation consumes less time, once you have all your measurements. The foam is light and easy to handle.

Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) – To insulate your metal buildings Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) can be used by fastening to the interior walls.

Styrofoam is available in a variety of thicknesses having different insulation R-values.

Installing this type of insulation is a simple DIY project as it is easy to cut and shape the way you want.

cheap insulation ideas for shed roof

Insulating your shed roof depends on the way you are using your roof space. The roof acts as a crown that protects the shed from any external crises.

If you are having a gable roof, then using baffles will provide effective insulation, thus maintaining the airflow. If you are having a cathedral or barn type of roof, the use of plywood or OSB will provide better insulation to your roof.

Additional cheap insulation ideas for shed roof are provided below. Hope these will serve your purpose according to your needs and requirements.

Cardboard – This might not be the specific option, but it acts as one of the cheap insulation ideas for your shed roof. It can be used in sheet form or shredded and backfilled behind the panels. You can also use it by assembling multiple layers to increase its effectiveness.

Using Hay – Hay isn’t just for cattle and horses but it can also be used to insulate your shed roof. It provides the great characteristic of naturally regulating the temperature conditions. Also, it’s cheap and easily available.

Rockwool batt – Rockwool batt acts as a great insulator. It also provides noise insulation too. You can fix this below the panels and insulate your shed roof.

Bubble wrap – This is one of the basic forms of insulation, which is cheap and easily available. It is easy to use by fixing it to the inner surface of the roof. Overlay the bubble wrap strips to prevent heat from escaping through gaps.

MDF panels – This is another way of insulating your shed. Just place a sheet of MDF over the top of the shed panel and nail it into the place.

Wool – This is an eco-friendly solution to insulate your shed. Also, provide heat and sound insulation. If you have any cavities to fill in, wool will serve its purpose. You can trim it to any size and fix it the way you want.

Plasterboard  – It is available in 8’x4′ sheets. It’s cheap and provides effective insulation. But, it offers minimum resistance to moisture.

Hardboard – Like plasterboard, this is another type of insulation. It is available in 8’x4′ sheets. It’s cheap and provides effective insulation. But, it offers minimum resistance to moisture.

Plywood – This is also available in 8’x4′ sheets. The range of thickness varies from 6 to 9mm. It provides a tough surface and better insulation.

Tongue and groove – This is available in a bundle with planks of varying lengths. It offers an attractive surface where you can either paint or varnish. Also provides better insulation.

Cheap insulation ideas for shed floor

Insulating the floor can seal gaps between floors and skirting boards. It helps in reducing draughts and your energy bill. However, the type of insulation material you require depends on the type of floors you have in your home.

Solid Floor Insulation – It is laid on top of the existing flooring and then covered with your chosen finish. This provides an advantage of not only being effective but also affordable

Suspended Floor Insulation – If you lack a basement, the floorboards can be lifted so that a soft material such as sheep’s wool can be used to insulate between joists. If you have a basement, then it can be placed between the joists and battens and then fix it with netting. It is necessary to cover any pre-existing holes created by old pipes or cables.

By insulating the floor of the shed it will decrease the internal height of the shed, by layering the insulating products, above the existing floor. It helps in reducing heat from the floor, especially in winter. 

You can line the floor with a breathable membrane or you can either spread a rug or carpet on top.

using a thin layer of insulation board and top it off with plywood or OSB to insulate the shed floor is also another technique.

Wood fiber insulation is eco-friendly and helps in insulating the shed floor. You can cut the wood boards in specific size so that it fits in internal shed joists and can be installed as friction fit slabs.

cheap insulation ideas for pre-built shed

If you are willing to insulate your prebuilt shed whether it’s roof or floor, then this might help you in proper and effective insulation of your shed.

Insulating the roof of a shed – You can craft your roof of a shed with gable vents or vault with room to breathe with soffit vents. You can also install a craft faced insulation and sheetrock. Try to also use some sort of radiant heat, so that, when you open the door there will be minimal heat loss as the material will be heated as opposed to the forced air. You can also spray a thin layer of foam in the cavity and install a rock wool batt.

Insulating the floor of a shed – You can just spread rigid foam of preferred thickness over the wood floor and a new layer of plywood deck over it. You can also use the sheets of Styrofoam of 4’x4′.

Insulating the walls of the shed – You can use mineral wool or fiberglass batts between studs. But you will need wires, electric boxes, pipes, and ducts. Slit the batt over wires and pipes and stuff batt behind and around electrical boxes.


Before you insulate your shed you need to thoroughly inspect it to make sure it is dry and waterproof. Pay attention to gaps in the cladding and the overlaps of roofing and flooring materials. Leaks cause mold and decay. Also need to check window and door frames to ensure that they are intact and secure. For natural and optimal insulation double glazed windows are the best.

Hope this piece of information would be beneficial and effective to provide you the cheap insulation ideas for shed.

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