4 easy steps for coating jewelry with clear nail polish

4 easy steps for coating jewelry with clear nail polish

A jewel is like a star in the firmament, where our eye rests instinctively. Jewelry is like a perfect spice that exists as a unique piece, that blends the natural world with the skill and ingenuity of human endeavor. Wearing jewels expresses the way you are. It has delivers enough power to make you feel unique. But at the same time, it tarnished which gives an awkward look. So here we will discuss coating jewelry with clear nail polish.

It plays an important role in our special moments, festivals, and other religious aspects. Jewelry is designed to attract attention towards the body and its vulnerabilities have a visual and narrative potential that is unmatched.

We all are fascinated with jewelry. It enables increasing our beauty and enhancing our looks. However, the fashion associated with jewelry is changing with time. We are passionate to try different materials, colors, sizes, and volumes. 

We love to wear jewellery from gold to silver to diamond to semi-precious stones, from lumpy pieces to delicate ones. But, every time you cannot afford to buy these precious and expensive jewellery to remain trendy. Investing in stunning artificial jewellery is quite pocket friendly and in sync with the current trend.

To provide an elegant look, at special moment parties, functions or ceremonies we usually prefer to wear artificial pieces of jewellery. It also easily suits our outfit we are wearing and gives a fashionable look adding more beauty to it. 

But, in the case of artificial jewelry, it starts tarnishing with time giving it an insignificant look. We can fix this problem by coating jewelry with clear nail polish to give a stunning look. So, let’s discuss below the importance of jewelry, causes of jewelry undergoing tarnishing, and ways to maintain the jewelry new and intact by coating jewelry with clear nail polish with some tips.

Coating jewelry with clear nail polish | some tips

Do you face an issue of tarnishing in the case of cheap artificial ornaments? 

Well, we all deal with this problem frequently. The moment we buy, new fancy brilliant looking artificial pieces of jewelry, with due course of time, they tend to fade away their colors and turn green. Wearing these kinds of tarnished jewelry for a long time gives rise to various skin problems.

To tackle this issue we can have this idea of coating jewelry clear nail polish. You can try this DIY as it is quite affordable and long-lasting. All you need is cheap clear nail polish for coating and your cheap artificial jewelry. This method provides your ornaments with a brand new look, remaining intact and giving a glassy finish.

So, all you need to do is just follow the below steps to coat jewelry with clear nail polish. This applies to all kinds of ornaments like earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, etc, whether it is gold or silver or anything.

Step 1 in coating jewelry with clear nail polish

Lay your ornaments on a flat surface for which you need to apply the coating with clear nail polish.

step 2 in coating jewelry with clear nail polish

Apply a layer of clear nail polish to your ornaments on the upper side of the surface facing towards you. ( Before you apply a coating with clear nail polish, make sure the nail polish is clear and its consistency is thick.)

step 3 in coating jewelry with clear nail polish

Let it dry for about 1 minute.

step 4 in coating jewelry with clear nail polish

Finally, apply the coating with clear nail polish on the other side of the ornament, allowing it to dry and you are good to go.

This method works equally well if you have just purchased brand new artificial jewelry and if you want to give it a more classy look. In other words, you can make your homemade jewelry and paint them with various colors of nail polish using your creativity to make them more elegant.

Importance of jewellery in our lives

Hardly you will find any woman stepping out of their house without wearing a piece of jewelry. Pieces of jewelry are carved to wear anytime and everywhere to provide an ecstatic look.

Rings – wearing beautifully designed rings skillfully suits your every outfit and instantly gives an impressive look.

Necklaces – long, short, or medium-sized necklaces with pendants give you a modern and desirable look.

Bangles – Bangles are rendered of metal, wood, glass, or plastic. It can be used in the form of thin circular rings or bracelets.

Why does your jewelry gets tarnished with time?

Tarnishing pieces of jewelry is an awful process,  we all experience this, as most of them are of metals. This is because of the chemical reaction taking place.

Metals react with chemicals or gases present in air such as oxygen and sulphur, due to this reaction metals undergo a process known as oxidation. Silver is extremely reactive to sulphur and this reaction is what causes it to tarnish. It starts fading its color to a slightly golden color, ultimately resulting in a black coating on the metal.

In the case of gold plated jewelry, the thin layer of gold wears off quickly creating an unpleasant green residue on the surface and also stinks after the gold plating is gone.

Environmental factors like pollution and humidity affect these jewelry resulting in tarnishing. Depending on the type of metals that are alloy, some pieces of jewelry can be more reactive than others. 

Jewelry undergoing tarnishing also depends on your body chemistry. Based on your pH balance and the diet you intake, your jewelry might encounter.

This sounds crazy, but hormonal imbalance and pH-related differences contribute to the tarnishing of jewelry faster.

Tips to keep your jewelry new

If you follow the below tips it will provide you with the great help, thus making your jewellery look brand new and glamorous.

  1. Once you purchase any artificial jewelry, make sure you apply a coating with clear nail polish before wearing it to prevent tarnishing thus making it look beautiful and keeping intact.
  1. Assign a proper place to your jewelry and make sure you store it well to prevent any damage or breakage. Also, you can store it in ziplock bags to prevent tarnishing.
  1. Regularly cleaning your jewelry gently with tomato ketchup and rubbing it with a soft toothbrush using cold water helps in keeping your jewellery neat and clean.
  1. Avoid wearing heavy lotions or perfumes as this destroys the finish of your jewelry. Also, you can try to wear jewelry once you have your makeup done.
  1. Make sure you maintain your jewelry dry so that it doesn’t come into contact with any liquid, thus preventing it from getting tarnished.
  1. It is highly recommended to take off your jewelry when showering, washing dishes, swimming, and exercising.


Hope this insight will be of great aid and provide you with relief from getting your jewelry tarnished. You can try these amazing clear nail polish hacks which are highly durable and make your jewelry remain intact and look classic and shiny.

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