6 Best crockpot with temperature control | expert guide

6 Best crockpot with temperature control | expert guide

Have you ever felt the absence of a crockpot in your beautiful kitchen? Are you looking for a crockpot with temperature control functionality, but confused about which one to go for? With so many crockpots in the market, are you confused about which one to buy? That’s why we are here! You have landed on the perfect page. 

Today we are going to discuss each and everything before you buy the best crockpot with temperature control functions. The story will not only end at what to see in the crockpot but we have listed out some decent crockpot that has auto-adjusting temperature features that you must buy!

Before we go further, let’s see – 

What is a crockpot?

A crockpot is a kitchen appliance that allows the cooking of food at a low and steady temperature comparing to other traditional cooking methods. The crockpot comes into handy when you have to cook something delicious but is time-consuming. It saves your time a lot. 

Why you should buy a crockpot?

  • Saves time – Slow cooker saves your time a lot! Just put all the ingredients at once, and leave everything on your crockpot(slow cooker).  
  • Highly nutritious – Cooking food in a traditional way usually leads to a loss in nutrition. Hence, a crockpot(slow cooker) comes into the picture. 
  • Soft food – Cooking meat in traditional ways does not make the meat softer, or either it takes a huge amount of effort and time.  
  • Gives taste – Not only it saves your time but it also makes the food delicious. 
  • Cook wide variety – Cook a wide variety of food in just one-step preparation.
  • One-step Preparation – Just put all the ingredients at once, and left everything over the crockpot. Most of the crockpot has this feature. You don’t need to wait for the perfect time to put the specific ingredient.  
  • Prevent Overcooking – You just don’t need to worry about the overcooking of the meal, a crockpot with temperature control functions handles this. 

What can you cook with a crockpot(slow cooker)?

From baking bread to cooking meat, it plays a crucial role. You can cook so many things with a crockpot. Some of the food items that you can cook has been listed below – 

  • Bread 
  • Oatmeal 
  • Sauce 
  • Soups 
  • Stews
  • Meat
  • Casseroles and many more…

With so many options of crockpot available in the market, it really becomes hard to choose a perfect crockpot that suits your need and obviously your budget! Let’s see some of the key points that you must look at while purchasing a crockpot. 

Things to notice while you purchase a crockpot with temperature control features

  • The Capacity – It’s so important key that you must look at before you buy a crockpot with temperature control functionalities. It depends on you that how much food you will be cooking, for how many members you’ll be cooking. Some crockpots come with a very little capacity of 1 ½  Quart while others come with a big enough 8 Quart capacity. So, look at your need for capacity, and then choose your favorite crockpot. 
  • Space consuming – The next key thing that you must check before you buy the best crockpot with temperature control is the space consumption of a crockpot. Look at the space that you have in your kitchen and then go for your favorite, best crockpot( with temperature control)
  • Features – Will you be just using it as a slow cooker or you’ll be using it for some additional features, like – sear, air fry, souse vide? Look at the features and go for it! 

A small tip before you go for a crockpot with temperature control product

Before you buy any product, no matter online or offline. There are some of the things that you need to brainstorm. To buy the best crockpot with temperature control setting you can ask from your self that – 

  • Why do I need a crockpot?
  • Do I really need a crockpot?
  • What are the features that I need in the crockpot?
  • How much my budget is?

After asking these questions from your mind start exploring the product. I am damn sure that you’ll definitely come to the conclusion and if not, get suggestions from your relatives, friends or anyone to whom you think suggestive. 

Now, it’s enough! Let’s start our journey and let’s see which of the following slow cooker fits your need and budget too. 

1. Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart:

   250 ratings

This is the best of all the crockpots based on users’ experience. It comes with a decent capacity of 6 Quart which is enough for 6 pounds of chicken. 

The digital programming features make it easier to handle and use. All the programming features are just a button away. The digital temperature screen allows you to track the temperature at which your food is getting cooked. 

One of the best things about this crockpot is its “power interrupt protection” that keeps your slow cooker on during a short power outage. It saves your food to get tasteless and saves from getting ruined. 

This smart crockpot comes with 3 smart features –  probe, program, and manual. These features allow you to cook your food at a specific temperature or you can set a number of hours for which you want to cook or you can set your cooking process at high low or warm settings. 

Key Features – 

  • Cook to a precise temperature(Probe Feature) – Helps your food to cook at the desired temperature. You just need to set the probe temperature and insert the probe into your food. The crockpot will automatically shift to the warm mode when the probe temperature is reached. 
  • Cook at a specific time(Set Program)– Does your food will be cooked early but you’ll not be available at your home? Don’t worry set the program to slow cooking. The crockpot will automatically switch to warm mode when the cooking time is up. It helps your food to keep warm and ready to serve as late as you want. 
  • Cook on manual(Manual Program) – The manual setting allows you to cook your food slowly in three modes – Hig, low, and warm heat settings. 
  • Stainless Steel – Just forget about the rusting problem. 
  • Clip-tight lid – Do you want to take your food from one place to another. The secure clip-tight lid doesn’t allow your food to fall from the crockpot. 
  • Power Interrupt Protection – It comes with Power Interrupt Protection. If you have programmed your crockpot as per your desire of cooking and unfortunately the power gets out for a moment(5 or fewer seconds) then this smart crockpot will remember the settings
  • 6 quart Capacity – This capacity is enough for family dinner. 

Pros – 

  • Easy to use 
  • Multiple programming settings 
  • Stainless steal body 
  • Huge enough capacity 
  • Power Interrupt Protection 
  • Low weight(2.24 ounces)

Cons – 

  • Bit costly

2. Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

   1,620 ratings

This is the best crockpot with temperature control being budget-friendly. This descent Crockpot is a perfect fit for those who want to buy the best crockpot with temperature control but want budget-friendly items.  

It also comes up with the 6 Quart capacity which is huge enough to serve 7+ people. At the budget-friendly price, this is a perfect capacity.

This smart crockpot also comes with 3 programmable cooking settings that makes your cooking a bit easier and easy. It really gives such good cooking flexibility under this price. The three programmable cooking settings are – FlexCook, Program, and Manual.

The first FlexCook options help you to keep your food warm after it passes the two threshold cooking time fixed by you. In this setting, you have to set the first cooking time and second cooking time. It automatically shifts to warm mode as soon as both the cooking time is up.

The program setting is somewhere similar to the first one but instead of selecting a cooking time twice, here you need to choose only once. As soon as the cooking time gets up for your food, the temperature automatically get switches to the warm mode. 

The last manual setting allows to cook your food in different heat setting – High, Low and Warm settings. 

This crockpot also comes up with the power interrupt protection feature that keeps your setting remember whenever power gets out for a short moment of 5 seconds or less. 

Key Features – 

  •  3 Descent Features(FlexCook, Program, and Manual) – It makes your food preparation easy and flexible. These features keep your food warm even if the food has been cooked. 
  • Secure tight lid – With this decent secure tight lid you don’t need to worry about the falling of the food while serving. 
  • Perfect Capacity(6 Quart) – This budget-friendly crockpot is really enough to fill the stomach of 7+ people. 
  • Power Interrupt Protection – This feature remembers your programming settings even if the power gets cut for a moment. 
  • Dishwasher Safe – This best crockpot with temperature control settings appliance is a dishwasher safe and hence, easy to wash. 

Pros – 

  • 3 Programming cooking settings 
  • Secure tight lid
  • Enough Capacity 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Power Interrupt Protection Feature 
  • Lightweight(11.21 pounds)
  • Stainless steel from inside 
  • Budget-Friendly 

Cons – 

  • Less Features 
  • All Features works almost same thing. 
  • Plastic exterior 

3. Instant Pot Aura Pro Multi-Use Programmable Slow Cooker

   7,854 ratings

This descent Instant Pot Aura Pro slow cooker is the best crockpot with temperature control settings but a bit costly. The features of this crockpot force users to forget about the cost. 

This best crockpot with temperature control settings comes with the huge capacity that anyone needs. If you have a large family with foodie guys, this is the perfect fit for you. This crockpot comes with 8 Quart massive capacity. 

This smart crockpot comes with 11 programmable settings that you can use to cook your food as flexible as you want. The 11 programs are  – sear(Intense heat), bake settings, slow cooking, steam, stew, sous vide(low-temperature long time cooking), roast, yogurt, rice, multigrain, and keep warm features. With these multiple cooking settings, get your desired food. 

It comes with a massive 24 hours delay timer that allows you to delay your cooking time as per your preference. If you have to go somewhere and you will be coming late at home then you can start preparing your food before you leave the home and food will be ready when you’ll be back. 

The automatic keep-warm feature always keeps your food warm and ready to serve, no matter when the food was cooked. 

This best crockpot with a temperature control feature is also dishwasher safe and hence, easy to wash. 

Key Features – 

  • Multi-use Crockpot(slow cooker) – The 11 programmable cooking settings allow you to cook your delicious recipe in a flexible and easier manner. All your favorite dishes are just a button away. 
  • Controls temperature and time – This descent feature helps in controlling the temperature and cooking time. This feature helps in maintaining your food warm. 
  • Delay start timer – Helps your food to get prepared after a period of time. This is helpful when you have to leave your home and you want your food to be ready when you are back. 
  • 8 Quart Capacity – Massive capacity that anyone needs. 
  • Stainless steel – This descent crockpot is made with stainless steel and hence no worries of stains. 
  • Stove Top cooking – Simmer, caramelize, sauté and sear cooking is just a button away. 
  • Oven cooking – Roast or bake your food. 
  • Dishwasher Safe – Easy to wash and dishwasher safe. 

Pros – 

  • 11 programmable cooking settings 
  • Temperature control and time control 
  • Delay Start
  • Huge capacity (8 Quart)
  • Stainless steel 
  • Use it as a stove or oven 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Stainless steel 

Cons – 

  • Bit costly 

4. Crock-Pot 6-Quart

  16,297 ratings

Don’t have a decent budget but you want to buy a decent crockpot with a temperature control feature? This is a perfect fit for you! This smart-looking crockpot comes up with 6 Quart massive capacity that can serve 7+ foodies easily. Getting this much huge capacity in this price range is really tough. 

Not only the huge capacity, but it also comes with the cooking times which ranges from 30 minutes to 20 hours. This feature keeps your food warm once the cooking time is completed. 

Comes with a digital temperature tracking screen that helps you to track your time and temperature. It also comes with a tight lid that is secure enough that doesn’t allow your food to fall while serving. 

The product is Dishwasher safe and hence it becomes easy to wash. 

Key Features – 

  • 6 Quart Capacity – This capacity is enough to serve 7+ foodies. 
  • Cooking time – It comes with a cooking timer from 30 min to up to 20 hours. 
  • Stainless steel – No worries for stains 
  • Dishawasher Safe – The item is dishwasher safe and really easy to wash

Pros – 

  • Huge capacity 
  • Delay timer setting 
  • Digital tracking display 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Budget Friendly 

Cons – 

  • Very less features 
  • Heavy (3.6 Kg)

5. Hamilton Beach Portable 7-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

   4,346 ratings

This is a perfect crockpot with a temperature control product for those who are running out of money and want some features too. 

This Crockpot comes with a massive capacity that anyone needs. With 7 Quart capacity, it has the ability to serve more than 7 or 8 foodies very easily. 

It’s also very easy and secure when it comes to handling it. The Lid Latch Strap makes this product so easy to carry. Just stretch the strap and ready to take it out. 

Not only this, it comes with Mix and Match programming setting that allows you to choose the time and temperature as per your need and meal. 

As all the crockpots have a feature to keep the food warm, it also has! The easy settings and buttons of this crockpot make it a “No watching Needed” product. 

This crockpot is dishwasher safe and hence easy to clean. This product is decent for the budget price along with some programmable cooking settings. 

Key Features – 

  • Huge Capacity – The 7 Quart capacity makes it huge enough to serve more than 7 or 8 foodies. 
  • Easy to carry – The Lid Latch Strap makes it so easy to handle by just stretching the strap. 
  • Mix and Match Programming – The Mix and Match programming setting allows you to set the temperature and cooking timer. 
  • Keep warm – It also has the keep warm feature that keeps the food hot and ready to serve. 
  • Dishwasher Safe – This is dishwasher safe and hence easy to use. 


  • Huge Capacity ( 7 Quar )
  • Easy to carry 
  • Temperature setting and Cooking timer 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lightweight

Cons – 

  • Not much features ( but descent in price range )
  • No digital tracking display 

6. Cuisinart 3-In-1 6-Quart Multi-Cooker

   3,289 ratings

The name is enough to tell about the features. This branded, descent crockpot is also the best crockpot with temperature control functionalities. 

It also comes with a huge enough capacity of 6 Quart. It has the capacity to easily serve 7+ people.

With lightweight(16 pounds) this crockpot is made up of stainless steel from inside and hence no worries for getting burn or stains of food. 

This descent crockpot comes in 3 in 1 multi cooker features. This allows us to sauté vegetables, brown meats, and slow cook your delicious food. The three multi cooking functionalities are slow to cook, steam cook, and brown cook.

The digital display and easy to press button make it easy to programme it for your delicious food. 

Key Features – 

  • Huge capacity – Enough capacity to serve more than 7 people
  • Light Weight – It comes with only 16 pounds of weight which makes it easy to handle.
  • Slow cook function – Slow cook is perfect for food that takes a long time duration and slow cooking such as soups, stocks, stews, and dried beans.
  • Steam function – with this smart product you are just a button away to steam your healthy food. 
  • Brown Function – Just start browning your food with a tap of a button. You can also use it to reheat your food. 
  • Stain lees Steel – It comes with stain less steel material which saves it from food stains and burning. 

Pros – 

  • Huge capacity 
  • Light weight 
  • Steam Function 
  • Brown function 
  • Slow cook function 
  • Dishwasher safe 

Cons – 

  • Costly 
  • No power interrupt Protection 

A bye-bye note

Always remember, none of the product is bad or worst. All the products have some sort of good features and some sort of bad features. Remember, every product has this issue. You can not regret a product just by looking at 1% or 2% of the bad reviews. Brainstorm your needs, features, budgets, and all the stuff then order your product! Have a great shopping!

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