4 reasons why people use green porch light | green porch light meaning

4 reasons why people use green porch light | green porch light meaning

Have you ever saw green light in front of porch? Have you ever think, why people uses green color in porch? This is what we are going to discuss today in this post. There are lot of people searching about green porch light meaning. There are several other porch light also that people use. But, here we are specially going to discuss about the green porch light.

So, just cross you finger and start reading this article till the end. Here, we are not only going to discuss the meaning of the green porch light but we will also discuss the color psychology of green color, what are the different reasons to use green color light in porch.

green porch light meaning

Guys, if you talk the meaning of green porch light then to be honest there is no one meaning of this light. The meaning of this color changes from time to time and from people to people. It’s all depends upon the way in which people interpret the green color. But, don’t worry! We are going to discuss all the possible meaning of green color that people use in their porch.

Green porch light – a sign of piece and healing

I’ll answer you this question by asking a question from you. How do you feel when you see greenery around your self or your home? How do you feel when you see beautiful green plants and grass? How do you feel when take a nap under the shadow of the green tree? Do you feel relaxed? Do you get some peace of mind? If yes, this is the reason that why people use green porch light. Many people uses green colored light in their porch just because it gives a feeling of relaxation and a feeling warmness and healing.

to appreciate veterans

American’s veterans are some of the most hardworking men and women, right? We celebrate veterans day, right? Since veterans are the most important, hardworking people who fight for the security for the whole nation it really becomes very important to show case the appreciation in order to motivate them, So, green porch light is used to appreciate veteran’s and their family members.

to create awareness for Lyme disease

Many people in the month of may use green color might on porch to spread the awareness about the Lyme disease. Lyme disease is basically an infection caused by the ticks of Borrelia bacterium. The treatment of this disease is little longer and hence need awareness.

to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

People use green porch light to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is basically a religious and cultural festival celebrated in USA on 17th march of each year. This festival is the symbol of traditional death of St. Patrick.

What exactly green porch light meaning is?

Now, you might got confuse with these so many answers, right? Just don’t be confuse. See, there is no any single meaning of the green porch light. The green porch light meaning changes from people to people, time to time, region to region. For some people it is to appreciate veterans while for some other people it is a symbol of peace and calm. All these meaning depends upon each individual’s interpretation.

Psychological meaning of green color

Now, till this point we have discussed the various meaning of green porch light. Now, I am going to discuss about the psychological meaning of green color and then we will correlate this with porch light color meaning.

The green color is the symbol of nature. It represents the beauty of nature and and natural word. It also represents the peace of mind. Green color play very crucial rule to make someone calm. This is the color that most people loves!

Hence, based on these psychological meaning it is clear that why most people uses green porch light in the front of their porch, right?

A good bye note

I hope you understood why people uses green color in their porch. All people have different view for green color and hence meaning changes from person to person, area to area and nation to nation.

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