5 best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker in 2021

5 best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker in 2021

There are more than 100 companies selling the same product with unique qualities in different values. It is a real headache to buy proper yet budget-friendly home appliances, like Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker. Hence, we are here to help you and take you out of the confusion.

 Therefore, tight your seatbelt for a long deep-drive towards the perfect grilled cheese sandwich maker that you better deserve for a treat of a crispy grilled cheese sandwich.

 A hidden & heartfelt crush on Cheese Sandwich is not so odd, especially when it is grilled & ready to be served on your plate.

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What is Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker?

A Grill Sandwich Maker helps to ease out of the grilling sandwich in just a few minutes. It saves your time to make it count. On the other hand, the Grilled Sandwich becomes much more crispy & unburned.  If those Grill Sandwich Maker can make Grilled Cheese Sandwich without creating extra burden, then it can be called as ‘Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker’. 


Why do you need to buy a Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker?

 Sometimes the Grilled Cheese Sandwich becomes harder when you try to cook it in an oven standing there in the kitchen for a long time, especially when there are so many guests in your house. There can be a time when you are sick & your child is nagging to eat Grilled Sandwich but you are powerless. This is where you can use grilled cheese sandwich maker

Be it to surprise your child with a delightful Grill Cheese Sandwich? or, is it important to save your time in the kitchen to devote it to your work? Answer yourself, do you not wish to have a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker at your home at that very moment?

These words are not too exaggerated to mention as it seems when this very post is in front of your eyes now.

Be it some quick cheese sandwich recipe for sudden guests at your home or any possible reason, you are not going to be disappointed.

It is justified to have two more helping hands in the kitchen. Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker is one of those hands to console you.

These are the key points why you probably need to buy a Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker.

Features of a perfect “Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker”

Preheating System – One of the prime reasons to buy a Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker is to save time in the kitchen. Try to choose one with better preheating properties.

Non-Sticky plates –  Nonstick plates are easy to clean & there are low chances that the Sandwich is going to stick on the plate.

Number of plates – Portable Grill Sandwich Makers mostly have 2 plates, might some of those have 4 plates all at once.   

Less space consumer –  Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker of compact sizes are useful to keep it in small spaces/cabinets. This saves space and effort.

Multipurpose use – Our craving to utilize a product in different ways is so natural that we try to make omelets in ‘Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker’; if you are one of them, there are some Sandwich Maker with the multipurpose property.

We are here to guide you throughout the process until you get your hands on a grill cheese sandwich maker. Make sure to be with us for the friendly guidance you deserve as we work hard to gather all the information to serve you “cherry on top of pie”. 

No need to make a damaged or burned cheese sandwich in the oven as I have brought the ultimate list for you to guide you to buy a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Maker.

Now, let starts with-

1)Hamilton Beach(25430) Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker

HAMILTON BEACH is a promising company with a wide range of kitchen appliances. With a 4.5 star rating,4 inches black model with its easy to store advantage (25430) HAMILTON BEACH Grilled Cheese sandwich Maker is perfect dynamics for the beauty of your kitchen if you wish to make grilled cheese; even omelets sometimes. 

Though it is made up of plastic but is compatible if you wish to give yourself desserts on a special day to fulfill your stomach’s wish. Its weight is around 1.56 kilograms.

When it comes to easy of use, it is perfect sandwich maker. With so many features in this sandwich maker it is very easy to use and play with it(not really).

It also have good enough space to put the sandwich without any problems. At a time it has capacity to grilled 2 sandwiches at a time which is enough for a small family.

This perfect grilled cheese sandwich maker is easy to handle as it doesn’t take extra space. It is compact enough to put any corner of your kitchen space. This things tends customers to love it.

Not only you can bake sandwiches but you can bake some other things too. For eg, you can bake omelets, toast, and desserts. This property of multipurpose saves you to buy some other products and hence saves your money.


  • Easy to use – As this grilled cheese sandwich maker has a lot of easy to use features, it also saves your time in the kitchen when you are in a hurry. 
  • Good space – It has proper spaces  to bake two sandwiches at a time.
  • Minimum space consumer-just locks the handle & it can be kept in any cabinet you want as it is of 10.75(L)*11.25(W)*4.1(H) inches dimension 
  • Proper director– Power button will let you know that unit is ready to start & preheat light will indicate when sandwich maker is ready to grill/bake.
  • Multipurpose – Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker also can be used to bake omelets, toast & desserts along with grilled cheese Sandwich. 
  • Nonstick-The plates are made up of non stick materials so it is easy to wash.


  • Need to be careful about plastic body
  • Color options are unavailable
why it’s best
  • Easy to use
  • Good space
  • Minimum space consumer
  • Proper direction to use
  • Multipurpose
  • Nonstick
why it’s bad
  • Plastic body
  • Not much color options

2)Prestige PGMFB Grill  Cheese Sandwich Maker 

With a wide range of innovative kitchen appliances, Prestige is easily one of the trusted brands.

 4 star-rating Prestige PGMFB is a better option than a Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker. It is budget-friendly as well as durable. They also have a variety of Grill Sandwich Maker. The color is black & has a plastic body with 27(L)*24(W)*30(H) dimensions.

With fixed grilled plates it is easy to use and safe enough. The handle lock works almost perfect and hence you don’t need to worry for the falling of sandwich.

This sandwich maker consumes very less electricity and hence it’s environment friendly up to some extent. The plates of this grilled cheese sandwich maker is non sticky which further increases the life span of the sandwich maker.

The green and red indicator light lets you know when the grill is preheated. The red light on the body of this sandwich maker indicates the that the grill is getting heat and the green light indicates that it is grill ready.


  • It has fixed grilled plates
  • Have a smooth finished design
  • Electric friendly with 800-watt power 
  • Plates are non sticky
  • Light-weighted- 2.62pound (approx. 1.18kg)
  • Horizontal striped grilled
  • Consume less time 


  • There are no extra options to choose in terms of color; only black is available
  • Not easy to use for multipurpose but if grilled sandwich is what you want then it is perfect
What’s best
  • fixed grilled plates
  • smooth finished design
  • Electric friendly (800 watt)
  • non sticky plates
  • Light weight(2.62 pounds)
  • striped grilled
  • Fast
What’s bad
  • No color options
  • Not multipurpose

3) Black and decker 3 in 1

This is well-known for providing traditional appliances worth their value with its user-friendly features. It is a panini grill sandwich maker available in both black & grey body. It consumes less oil & has a great efficiency for quick Grilling.

This amazing low budget sandwich maker is perfect for those who are running out of money. Being budget friendly it provides all the features that a sandwich must have.

When it comes to the electricity consumption, it consumes only 750 watt which makes it to be loved. Not only you can make sandwiches, but you can use it as a toaster too. Now, this sandwich maker is saving your toaster’s money.

The non sticky plates makes it easy to clean and a durable product. This sandwich maker comes with double Teflon coating.

This sandwich maker too have direction buttons which makes it more easy to use. The body contains 2 buttons viz, red and green. The green button indicates that the plates has been heated and automatically cuts the power. The red button indicates that the plates are getting heated.


  • 750-watt power supplying nova sandwich maker will be satisfactory for grilling.
  • Multipurpose use for grilling cheese sandwich & also can be used as toaster
  • Nonstick plates with double Teflon coating are easy to wash 
  • Control temperature automatically
  • Have direction buttons, red button indicates power is on & green turned off automatically after heating
  • 1.2meter power cable as connecter


  • Cord can be short according to your home’s wiring
What’s best
  • Electric friendly (750 watts)
  • Multipurpose
  • Non stick plates
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Direction button
What’s bad
  • Very long wire

4)Cuisinart WM-SW2N Dual-Sandwich Grill maker

Cuisinart is an American brand with top quality appliances on their lists. In the terms of Grill Cheese Sandwich maker, this brand holds first place in the chart. They have both great values with affordability. The body material is of silver color.  

The name “Cusinart” doesn’t need an introduction I think. Being the most trusted brand of us it is the perfect sandwich maker.

This powerful sandwich maker can make omelets, can grilles 2 sandwiches and can be used as a french toaster too.

This sandwich maker also comes with 2 safety indicators light which makes it easy to use. The red light indicates that the plates are under heating stage while the green light indicates that the sandwich is ready to serve.

The non stick baking plates makes it easy to use and easy to clean. Non sticky plates makes it a durable products.

Worried about the warranty period? Just don’t worry. It the brand gives an amazing 3 years of warranty which is rare to see.

Not only the features are best, but it is light weight too. The weight is somewhere around 3 pounds. This makes it easy to handle, easy to carry and easy to manage. My personal opinion goes for this grilled cheese sandwich maker.


  • Baking plates are easy to clean
  • Have indication lights to direct(red-switch on, green-baking is ready with proper cook)
  • Warranty-3 years
  • power cord facility
  • Stainless steel or plastic body both are BPA free 


  • However, baking plates are not removable
  •  Not superior for multipurpose use
What’s best
  • Easy to clean plates
  • Non sticky plates
  • Light indicator
  • Stainless steel from inside
  • 3 years warranty
What’s bad
  • Not for multipurpose use

5)Philips HD 2393 Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker

Philips HD 2393 sandwich maker is of high dimensions of about 30.3(L)*30.3(W)*15.2(H), available both in stainless steel & plastic. It travels friendly with a handling mode of 820-watt power.

“Philips”, the name is itself a complete description. Being a branded, trusted and pocket friendly product provider it is one of the most lovable brand. This decent sandwich maker comes with non sticky plates which makes it easy to clean and use.

This sandwich maker comes with an amazing feature called “fast heating”. The fast heating system of this sandwich maker grills the sandwich at really fast speed. The handle comes with cool touch technology which is perfect feature for safety purpose.

The rubber at the bottom of this sandwich maker makes it fix at one position and doesn’t allow to move or slip.

The product comes with vertical storage system by which you can put this sandwich maker anywhere in your kitchen, vertically. This takes really less amount of space.


  • Easy to clean nonstick plates
  • Can be pack down easily in less storage capacity
  • High-speed heating
  • Power cord available
  • Perfect build for two grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Fast cooking
  • travel friendly 


  • Fragile light weighted body 
  •  There is a small problem with the lock of the handle. It does not so smooth as it should be.
What’s best
  • Non sticky plates
  • Compact size
  • High-speed heating
  • Light weight
What’s bad
  • Handle lock is not smooth

In the end

To keep balance with hectic life, it is inevitable to enhance our daily life with tech-driven appliances for a better run; doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife, working person, or a student. As time runs the same for all, we depend on the internet for a quick approach. Don’t accept everything from the internet. Even reviews on shopping sites can be bought these days. Believe in ‘use & trust’ policy for a better determination. 

The worst one for another customer might be best for you. Make sure to use anyone Grill Cheese Sandwich Maker mentioned above safely. Last of all, have great shopping. 

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