8 Ways to get rid of hard water from laminate Countertops

8 Ways to get rid of hard water from laminate Countertops

A stunning kitchen with perfectly designed countertops is pleased to have. On the other hand, the price of materials such as marble, granite & solid quartz isn’t. The stains of hard water from laminate countertops make our kitchen super ugly.

 To alternate, laminates are the most inexpensive, flawless idea for a perfect looking kitchen. These laminates are easy to set on your kitchen countertops. Laminate countertops are slightly stain-repelling.

But, wait, these laminate countertops come with their own set of challenges. Laminates basically look like marble but made of plastic blended with kraft papers, cardboards, etc.

 Though laminate serves an exotic look in less price, however using countertops without proper care can cause it to be replaceable again. steamed & normal hard water- both can leave stains on them.

Hard water stains come with headaches for your home cleaning day.

So that you don’t have to replace laminate countertops frequently, we have some ideas to share (without any sugar-coating).

We shared 8 techniques for you to get rid of stubborn stains on laminate countertops. 

Remedy always works at its best after a certain time. You need to be patient for a gradual result.

What is a hard water stain on laminate Countertops?

 Hard water has more minerals than normal water. When hard water drops on laminated Countertops unconsciously or, being surfaced on countertops, it becomes scratched, burned and leaves ugly stains on top of it.

How hard water from laminate Countertops a problem?

Now, as lamination is nothing but plastic in the disguise of marble(make-over). Keeping hope that your laminate kitchen countertops will never be stained is a pure misconception & here we get the real big problem.

When those laminated countertops become burned, scratched, or stained from hard water, you can’t remove them permanently.

Worrying about should you have to change it again or not! 

The answer is no. You can fade those hard water stains away.

Reasons for stains of hard water from laminate countertops?

Reasons are nothing but as hard water contains heavy minerals such as Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), Na (Sodium), etc.

Every house needs water to complete their daily work, whether it is in the kitchen or somewhere else. Some people also laminate other corners of the house.

The main problem is that hard water can be horribly stained, scratched plastic-made laminate.

Proven techniques to get rid of stains of hard water from laminate countertops

With liquid duster

A liquid duster is nothing but a towel. A towel which you might use to wipe the table, house floor, etc. 

If the water stain is fresh, use any liquid duster quickly to wipe up the surface of the laminated countertop as soon as possible.

Baking Soda Paste

Mix baking soda (according to the area of a surface) with water & make a thick smooth paste. Baking soda is a little abrasive, use the paste on the surface gently wherever the stains are present.

Keep it for 1 or, 2 hours & then, remove it off. Don’t use abrasive brushes or scorch pads because it will create scratches over the countertops.

Nail Polish remover

Using nail polish to remove stains of hard water from laminate countertops looks crazy, right? But, it’s really effective.

Take a cotton pad & pour nail polish remover over the countertops. After that, just wipe it off. Keep in mind, using this frequently can only help you to fade away those stains.

Soapy Water

the yellow marks of cooked soups on laminated surfaces kept for long hours can leave ugly stains, right? 

Simply, make soap water to clean countertops. Soaps are chemical-based advice to use.

Baking soda & Vinegar mixture

Mix baking soda & vinegar (as convenience) with water. Stir the mixture. Apply it on a stained surface & rinse it off and you’ll see the change!


With its acidic property vinegar is a good idea for stubborn stains on laminate surfaces. It shows the best result for grease stains.

Wipe with vinegar water over the countertops where the stains are present. You’ll see the magic that your stains has been removed.

Mild Detergent

Sounds scary to use detergent? Detergents are kind of harsh to apply on a laminate surface for their harshness. 

A mild detergent can be helpful to wash out those stains. Rub the laminate surface with a non-abrasive broom & mild detergent. Lastly, rinse with normal water to get an unblemished kitchen.

Lemon Juice

Pour a cup of lemon water solution to the stain. Wait till lemon starts its work of cleansing. Dry it properly and you’ll see that stains of hard water from laminate countertops has been removed.

Some future precuations.

  • Don’t put the hot pots, bowls, etc. directly on laminate countertops.
  • Keep abrasive brushes away from laminate as it can cause scratches.
  • Never use the countertops as a chopping board (to chop something on it), it can make bad marks on it.
  •  Try to keep hard water as far away as possible.
  • Don’t use ink, hair dye, etc. near lamination to avoid grease stains.
  • Rub those laminated surfaces gently.
  • Using too much force can cause breakage also, avoid that.
  • Last, of all, be gentle with those countertops.


We hope that you love our suggestions to remove stains of hardwater from laminate countertops. That’s all what we discuss in this post. Try some of the tricks mentioned above, and you’ll see the magic!

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