How to clean a coffee maker with bleach – safe ways

How to clean a coffee maker with bleach – safe ways

Is your coffee maker smelling a lot? Are you looking for some safest ways to clean your coffee maker? I am damn sure that this post is gonna hit your mind. In this post we will provide some of the safest methods that can help you to clean your coffee maker. First, we will understand on how to clean the coffee maker with bleach. Than, we will see that “why you should not use bleach to clean your coffee maker?” and in last I am gonna share some safe alternatives that will help you to clean your coffee maker perfectly.

Can you think about a day without coffee? Can you think your working hours without having espresso? Nope, right? I also! We use our coffee machine everyday. Sometimes, thrice a day or may be 4 times or there are some people who even use it for more than 5 times. Shocking, right? Yes! There are people who love coffee and their work can’t be done without coffee. But, do you know constant use of coffee maker can create yeast and mold? And these organisms can make you ill. Yeah, believe or not but it’s true. So, it becomes really important to clean your coffee maker.

Now, it’s time to start the discussion on how to clean a coffee maker. First, we will see with the use of bleach. So, let’s start!

How to clean a coffee maker with bleach?

Now, before we start our discussion on this topic. Please keep in mind that “bleach is not really safe“. I highly suggest you to read the next section of this post that focuses on “why bleach is not safe“. There are also some things that you should not do with bleach. Do not directly start using bleach to clean your coffee maker. Take all the necessary precaution before using bleach to clean the coffee machine.

But, here we are going to discuss on how to clean the coffee maker using bleach with most safest way. But, still I’ll suggest you to go with alternatives method that has been discussed in the later part of this content.

So, let’s start the topic!

Materials that you’ll need to clean a coffee maker with bleach

  • Safety Gloves
  • Drip Coffee maker
  • 1 tablespoon bleach
  • 1 gallon of water ( to mix with bleach )
  • 5 gallon more water ( not to mix with bleach )

Let’s get our hand dirty now!

Please use the gloves on your hand, please!

Always remember, bleach is highly alkaline. This alkaline property of bleach make it’s very harmful. To be safe, please use gloves on your hand. Not using gloves can results in several skin problems and can create skin irritation. So, make use of safety gloves!

Now, it’s times to mix bleach and water together

Please take all the necessary precautions before you mix both of them. 1 gallon of water is more than enough to mix it with 1 tablespoon bleach. Yes, it’s more than enough. Do not use more than 1 tablespoon of bleach while mixing it with water. There are some precautions that needs to be taken care while mixing bleach and water which has been discussed below.

Take these precautions seriously, please!

  • 1 tablespoon bleach is enough for 1 gallon water. No need to add more!
  • Put some cloths on your nose because the fumes would be caustic and can harm your eyes, nose and lungs!
  • Use safety glasses because fumes are caustic, it can make several problems to your eyes.
  • Add bleach in water and not “water in bleach”.
  • Add bleach in water slowly, i.e. in small-small amounts.

Now, pour the mixture into water reservoir of coffee maker

Put the mixture of bleach and water that we made in the second step into water reservoir of our coffee machine. Let this mixture run through the coffee maker completely. This will clean the pot of the coffee machine.

Now, it’s time to pour out the mixture from coffee pot

Once, the mixture of bleach and water has been circulated to the coffee maker completely stop the machine and pour out the mixture from the pot.

Do it repeatedly for remaining amount of mixture

Remember, you don’t have to use the entire mixture in one go! You have to use the mixture (bleach + water) for small-small amount so that coffee maker can be cleaned in better way.

Now, it’s time to pour the warm or hot water in water reservoir

Once, entire mixture has been used and the water reservoir is empty, put hot water or warm water into it. Do not put entire water in the water reservoir in one go. Instead, put 1-1 gallon in the reservoir and run the machine. Run the machine until the water doesn’t give the bleach smell. May be it take 5 fresh gallons.

Now, left your machine to get it dry for a day

Once all the steps has been countered, left your coffee maker off to let it dry.

Do we have any other safer way to clean a coffee maker? – Yes, use vinegar or lemon juice

When it comes to cleaning a coffee maker in a safer way, vinegar and lemon juice are the best available options. You know, vinegar and lemon juice are more better to clean your coffee machine? Yes, it’s more better to clean and more safer than bleach!

Why vinegar and lemon juice?

Vinegar and lemon juice have antibacterial properties and both are acidic rather than alkaline. So, acidic liquid will clean your coffee maker much better. This acidic nature will remove the calcium deposit on machine.

So, without wasting any single minutes let’s discuss clean the machine with vinegar and lemon juice

Let’s create the chemical first

In order to make a perfect and super powerful chemical to clean your coffee maker follow the below equation.

hot water + vinegar + 1 tablespoon or hot water + lemon + 1 tablespoon

Run at least 2 cycles of chemical

Pour the chemical that you created into water reservoir. Run the machine so that chemical can circulate in machine thoroughly. Then, pour out the water from coffee pot. Do it alteast 2 times.

Then , run 4-5 cycles of hot water

Now, give the final bath by running the 4-5 cycles of hot water to your coffee maker.

Let it dry

Now, let your coffee maker dry for several days.


That’s all I have on “How to clean a coffee maker with bleach?”. As per my opinion don’t go with bleach as it is harmful for our skins and can create various problems to our eyes, nose and lungs. Instead, clean your coffee maker with vinegar which is much better than using bleach. I hope you understood!

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