How to cover pegboard with fabric? – 5 easy steps

How to cover pegboard with fabric? – 5 easy steps

A place for everything and everything in place. Organizing our home is a bit tedious job. It’s wearisome and at the same time, time-consuming. We inspect and plan accordingly to organize and decorate our home, to provide an elegant and beautiful look. So, while cleaning storage areas we can have an eccentric idea of attaching a pegboard covering with fabric. Yes, this is indeed the best trick to make your home clutter-free and well organized. So, in this post, we will discuss that how to cover your pegboard with fabric?

What are Pegboards?

Pegboards are the boards of exact measurements which are made up of different materials with regularly spaced perforations, into which hooks can be inserted for storage of day to day requirements. It can also be used for the display of articles.

It creates all mess if we do not assign a proper place to all our necessary things or day to day requirements. Pegboards act as a great organizational and storage methods for everything from stationery, tools, and gardening supplies to sewing and home and office supplies. You can design a pegboard of any shape and size to fit in that exact location where you need them. You can also choose the type of materials and type of design to make it look more adorable and ecstatic.

There are various types of pegboards available of various materials but we’ll focus mainly on how to cover pegboard with fabric as they are inexpensive, less time consuming and durable. It also provides a gorgeous look to your room offering you a great storage facility. We’ll be also discussing various pegboard decor ideas you can have at home, to furnish a modern and beautiful look.

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How to cover pegboard with fabric?

Pegboard is an easy, inexpensive, and long term solution for storing tools and other garage equipment. Because of its compact design, it provides practical solutions even in narrow spaces. You can even hang the toys on hooks placed low enough for kids to reach and create an easy access activity station.

So, without wasting any more seconds let’s get our hand dirty!

Cut the fabric

cover pegboard with fabric

Cut the fabric of size, little larger than your pegboard. This extra size will later help you to wrap this cloth around the edges of the pegboard.

Draw different parts of the pegboard

parts of fabric

Take a pencil that can be erased later and draw the different parts of the pegboard using this pencil. You can use ruler to make it perfect. Now, it’s time cut the different parts of the fabric. Note that, the cutting of the fabric should be perfect.

Paste the fabric over the pegboard

sticking the fabric with glue

Now, take a hot glue gun or some strong adhesive. Paste the different parts of the fabric on the pegboard accordingly. Remember, the parts of the fabric and pegboard should match.

Staple the edges to perfectly fit the pegboard

staple the fabric

Staple the fabric that comes on the edge of the pegboard. This will confirm the proper attachment of the fabric with pegboard. Keep your hand safe while doing this activity.

Now, your pegboard is ready to work.

Some Pegboard Decor Tips

Besides using fabric-covered pegboard you can also go for some of the following decor tips that might help you in furnishing a grand and classy look to your room.

1. Christmas Tree Pegboard for Cards, Artwork, and Ornaments

christmas tree pegboard

This pegboard exhibits your cards, kid’s artwork, decorations, and ornaments. If you have confined space then this tree can provide you with a great solution. This tree allows you to cut pegboard into shapes so that it coordinates with your decor. 

2. Multicolored Pegboard Organizer for Your Craft Room

how to cover pegboard with fabric

This organizer depicts how pegboard is not just utilitarian but also offers a decorative focal point in your room. Adornments are arranged in such a way that it is visually interesting, and colors are also been thoroughly arranged. Besides these, you can also use them to hold items including baskets, painted tin cans, shelves, hooks, and pegs.

3. Spice Rack Pegboard Framed Organizer

How to cover pegboard with fabric

This pegboard displays that a plain pegboard back can construct a decorative organizer. Again, carefully spacing items, arranging colors, and modifying the shapes of the items builds an interesting and valuable kitchen accent. The frame interprets the organizer as a decorative item that makes spices handily accessible.

4. Pegboard with Organized Wall and Shelving

pegboard organizing wall

Taking advantage of pegboard with shelving spin empty walls into organized spaces that are adorning and beautiful. Cupboards and drawers become disheveled spaces where you need to search for items. Displaying out objects is handily available. So, you can plan on how to use shelving, pegboard, canisters, cans, jars, baskets, and hooks to create a decorative, useful, and flexible organized wall space.

5. Multi Framed Pegboard Organizer Ideas

multi framed pegboard

The realistic frame, painted pegboard, and the buckets of this pegboard organizer could be adapted to a kid’s room. Painter’s tape can help you develop a bright pattern on the pegboard. The buckets can hold items such as crayons, pens, pencils, and other stationery items. 

6. Wall Desk Organizer for Small Apartments 

wall desk organizer

For small apartments, pegboard organizers used in desk areas can hold headphones, calendars, coupons, and various items that clutter desktops. Adding a shelf provided an area for a few books, CDs, and videos. 


Hope this insight was valuable and would assist you in organizing your home by decorating your pegboard covering with fabric and with the above-mentioned decor ideas. Adorning your room with some DIY decor and noteworthy pegboard ideas will furnish your room with an elegant and stunning look.

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