5 effective tricks to get rid of weevils in bedroom

5 effective tricks to get rid of weevils in bedroom

Finding insects in our room is one of the most annoying things in the world. Do you also find some insects in your room and you want to get rid of those? Everyone wants, right? So, today we are going to consider one of the most annoying insects which is found very commonly in homes. Today, we are going to discuss the “weevils”. You might be searching so many times on the internet or asking friends that “how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom”, right?

Now, the moment you see some weevils in your bedroom or room you want to finish them as soon as possible. And it is really important to get rid of these weevils because these weevils can create several problems.

So, without wasting any single minute let’s start our discussion on “how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom”.

What are weevils?

Weevils are small pest or creatures which is mainly found in food that contains starch. Yes, weevils love starch and hence mostly found in rice, flour, oats, corn, barley, etc. Any food item that contains a good amount of starch is the home of weevils. Weevils look likes beetle, but they are small in size and can fit into very tiny holes.

The interesting thing about weevils is they don’t carry their food outside. Instead, they live inside the food and continue the reproduction process in the food only. You’ll be shocked by knowing that weevils destroy tons of crops every year.

Since it’s really hard to get rid of weevils on a global level but we can provide you some suggestions to get rid of weevils from the bedroom. So, that’s why we are going to discuss “how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?”.

How did I get weevils into my bedroom & how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?

Weevils can be found in your home in various ways. You can found weevils in your garden, rooms, or even your bedroom. The most common way that they come into your bedroom is food items. Because weevils live inside the food. The eggs of the weevils can not be seen by naked eyes and sometimes you bring the eggs of the weevils along with foods and later they become bigger. Finally, a time comes when these eggs become weevils.

You don’t have to worry about this because we are going to discuss “how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?” The methods that we will discuss can be used with other rooms also, but we will mainly focus on the bedroom because bedroom is the place to relax and you don’t want weevils there, right?

How dangerous are weevils?

Weevils can create various issues. Most often they destroy the plants of your beautiful garden and can infect your food. They can create holes in the wood of your bedroom and many more things.

Having weevils can create some serious food infections that later make you ill. So, it’s really important to remove the weevils from your home and bedroom. That’s why we are here to discuss “how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?”.

How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?

The first that you need to get rid of weevils from the bedroom is patience. The method will not work in just some hours. You need the patience of 2-3 days.

To get rid of weevils from your bedroom you have to follow some steps. First, find the source infestation and remove it from your room as soon as possible. Next, clean your bedroom thoroughly and apply vacuum cleaner near the holes of wood. After you have clean the bedroom it’s time to clean the kitchen. Then, use some pesticides to give the final touch.

All the steps, have been discussed below –

Identify the source of infestation

If weevils are in your bedroom then there must be a source from where they came into your bedroom. Eliminate that source as soon as possible. You can found this source in food items placed there, in the holes of the wood, or somewhere else. Just, identify the source and eliminate it.

Clean the bedroom thoroughly

Once, you have identified the source it’s time to eliminate it by cleaning the room thoroughly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the weevils from the holes of wood, bedsheets, and other areas of the bedroom.

It’s time to clean the kitchen

You can remove the weevils until you’ll not clean your kitchen. Thoroughly clean the kitchen because the kitchen is one of the main sources of infestation for weevils.

Apply pesticides

After you have clean everything it’s time to apply some pesticides. You can not get rid of weevils until you’ll not apply some pesticides.

Sprinkle Food-grade DE (Diatomaceous Earth)

Diatomaceous Earth is very effective in killing insects like weevils. Clean every source of the infestation and sprinkle this on different areas. Leave it for 2 days and you’ll see the magic. Don’t worry it’s child-free and pets free.

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Use bay leave

Apply some bay leave on some of the places where you think weevils can be found. Bay leaves are best resistant to weevils.

Some future precautions to take against weevils

1. Apply insect deterrent

If you want to permanently remove the weevils and don’t want to them to come back then use some bay leaves. Bay leaves are best deterrent. Keep on using bay leaves twice or thrice in a week.

2. Freeze dry food

Keep on freezing dry food and flour. By freezing this you can remove the weevils and their eggs too. Perform this activity twice or thrice a week to get rid of weevils permanently.

3. Use an airtight container to store food

Do not use cardboard containers to store your food. Try to use a plastic air-tight container or glass container to get rid of weevils.


That’s it to get rid of weevils from the bedroom. We have discusses all the possible ways to get rid. I hope you love our suggestions.

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