How to Hang a Headboard without Nails? | step by step guide

How to Hang a Headboard without Nails? | step by step guide

Whether you are planning to renovate your bedroom or you wishing to furnish an extraordinary look, then installing a headboard is a great idea. It makes your bedroom look grand and classy. While installing a headboard most of us go for fixing it using nails. But there are also other ways you can attach the headboards to provide an elegant look to your room. This page will mainly highlight “how to hang a headboard without nails” to provide you safety and deliver an ecstatic look to your bedroom.

Headboards function by affixing to the wall behind your bed, to the bed itself, or just hanging behind your bed. It enable in decorating your bedroom, providing more comfort and space. Headboards are often fastened behind your bed to provide little firmness to your bed. Gradually with time, the bolts clasping your headboard loosens. You can also avoid the noise by using the french cleats to hang your headboard on the wall behind and occurring to float. You can use your brainstorming ideas or DIY projects and turn roughly any flat item into a floating headboard and hang behind your bed.

To do this you can select different types of material which include wood, metal, natural fibers, upholstery, or leather. Once you pick the best material for your headboard, you’ll desire to go for the best headboard installation methods and headboard decor ideas. This article will include why there is a need to hang headboards without nails, how to hang a headboard without nails, and some headboard decor ideas.

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Why There is Need to Hang Headboard without Nails?

Nailing your headboard might lead to loosening up of nail with due course of time. This may be due to rusting of iron or some other reason. This will cause tearing or ripping of the headboard thus leaving behind nail marks making it look awkward. This is why we are going to discuss how to hang a headboard without nails.

Also, sometimes due to the loosening up of nails it might hurt or punch your head which may be quite dangerous. Endeavoring to find different ways to hang a headboard without nails will not only provide you with safety but will also facilitate your bedroom with an impressive look.

how to hang a headboard without nails

The simple way to hang a headboard without nails is creating your own light weight headboard by using some fabrics, buttons and other decorating items. Once, you have created the headboard, attach it to the wall by using some command strip or Velcro strip. This is the simplest way to hang headboard without nails.

To understand this method in deep continue reading this blog. You’ll definitely come up with an answer of your query.

Method 1 – create your own headboard and attach it to the wall using command strip

This method of hanging headboard without nails is one of the easiest way to hang the headboard without nails. Below are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1 : Create your own headboard with lighter materials. You can use several DIY to create your own headboard. Now, thing to notice is that headboard should be lighter. Now you can use adhesives to attach this headboard on wall. Yes, it’s a little dangerous in case you have not attached the headboard perfectly to the wall.

Step 2 : Create your own headboard made with foam. Believe me this is the lightest headboard that you can create by giving some designs. It will be super light that it will not hurt you! Now, you can attach this headboard without nails on the wall using some adhesives.

Step 3 – Give some cool designs to your DIY headboard. For example – you can cover your headboard with some decent looking fabric and tilt it with some buttons to give some puffy looks.

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Step 4 : Use the command adhesives or Velcro strips to attach your headboard. Do you know, command adhesives can hold up to 16 pounds? Yeah, command adhesives have very strong attachment power that any other adhesive can have. Use, this command adhesive thoroughly on you DIY headboard.

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Step 5 – Once you have created your own headboard with some foam, fabrics and buttons. Now, it’s time to attach it with bed frame.

Simply, apply the command strip on each side of the headboard. It’ll be more better if you will apply the command atrip on all four side, 2 vertically in the middle of the headboard. Than, take out the stickers of the command strip and paste it on the wall.

Step 6 – Now, it’s time to double check the sticky strength of the headboard to ensure all the safety.

Method 2 – Apply the command strip on your headboard and attach it.

This is the simple way to do. Here, you don’t need to create your own headboard. Just take your readymade headboard and apply the command strip on each side and 2 vertically in the middle of the headboard. Then, attach it on the wall. Finally, double check the sticky strength of the headboard.

So, which is the best method?

Now, you might got confuse with 2 options, right? Don’t, I’ll clear your doubt here. You can choose any of the option available. They both are perfect and safe without any worry.

But, the thing that need to be consider is the weight of the command strip. If you think that your headboard is little heavy (more than 10 pounds), just go with the first method otherwise you can go with any of the option.

Precautions for installing headboard wihout nails

  • You need to thoroughly check the instructions of the command strip before purchasing. It is mentioned how much weight the strip can hold. 
  • You need to paint the headboard beforehand. You can paint it using acrylic color for wooden ones and spray color for metal ones.
  • Make sure that you clean the headboard thoroughly before you apply the command strip.
  • Don’t forget to measure the weight of the headboard. The weight of the headboard should not be more than 10 pounds. The command strips has capacity to hold 16 pounds but just for safety purpose we are taking 10 pounds.
  • If you are using foam headboard, applying adhesive on each side is enough but if you are using heavy weight headboard than you must apply the command strip in the middle, on each side.
  • Measure your bed frame accurately by double checking your calculations. Unmatched size of the bed head frame and headboard will give an awkward look to your room.

Some cool headboard decor ideas

The most crucial design finding in your bedroom is the headboard. After all, it’s the focal point and can alter the vibe of a room quickly. Whether you are willing to expand your space, make it cozier, or make it colorful. The following decor ideas to hang the headboard will make your bedroom look grand and classy.

  1. Chalk Headboard
chalk headboard

For this kind of headboard, wood, leftover chalkboard paint, and dustless chalk combine to make it funny and natural.

  1. White Headboard
white headboard

The design of this headboard comes with two cubbies continuing to be filled with your favorite hardbacks, adorable succulents, or framed pictures. 

  1. Curved Headboard
curved headboard

This headboard provides a different shape like a curved design. The velvet surface glares like a dream to curl up.

  1. Rustic Headboard
rustic headboard

This headboard provides a unique viewpoint and the use of the wood adds texture to the room, while the dark colors pop against the white wall.

  1. DIY Headboard

You can make your DIY headboard based on your skills and creativity. Mandi of Vintage Revivals painted two wicker headboards with a spearmint green and blended them with clear fishing line. 

  1. Textured Headboard
textured headboard

In the Florida guest bedroom, designer Tammy Connor draped twin headboards in Matteo’s nubby Knot throws to amp up texture. This is a quick and simple fix for adding color and interest.

  1. Vintage Headboard
vintage headboard

Master bedroom of Charleston guesthouse, vintage, one-of-a-kind screens is utilized for the headboard. The fashion cypress platform bed has a roll-out trundle for guests and children.

  1. Colorful Headboard
colorful headboard

Designer Lindsey Coral Harper clusters on patterns in her Manhattan bedroom. The Madison headboard from Lamshop is upholstered in Kravet’s Guilty Pleasure and seizes the spotlight.

  1. Moroccan Headboard
moraccan headboard DIY

The laser-cut motif on this headboard was motivated by geometric Moroccan patterns and is excellent for one looking for a headboard that’s eye-catching and neutral.

  1. Floral Headboard
floral headboard ideas

For providing an impulsive, romantic look these paper flowers will turn your bedroom into a romantic garden. Natalie of Design Love Fest secured paper blushes to her headboard with thin artist tape and floral wire.


Hope this insight was considerable to find different ways to hang a headboard without nails. You can also try out different headboard decor ideas to enhance the look of your bedroom making it grand and classy.

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