How to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling?

How to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling?

Hanging plants from the ceiling in the most creative way enhances the beauty of your interior décor. Macramé hangers with beautiful plants tied with their natural beauty and greenery are mesmerizing. These fascinating plants with lush and exotic greenery act as stress busters. This provides great relief to our mind and soul allowing inner peace and satisfaction. Whether you are staying in rentals or not, most of them wonder how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling?

If you are staying in rentals, your landlord will refuse to drill a wall to hang your plants, deducting your money. Also, if you don’t have a drill or don’t want to damage your wall, you can go for some amazing methods mentioned below. This article emphasizes on how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. You can hang plants from the ceiling using adhesive or command hooks, suction cup hanger pots, magnetic hooks, suspending plants from tension rods, attaching C-clamps to fixtures or walls, attaching a trellis to command hooks, and many more. 

How to Hang plants from the Ceiling Without Drilling?

Below mentioned are some ways to hang your plants from the ceiling without drilling. These methods are most effective in improving your interior décor with minimum effort.

1) Use of Adhesive Hooks or Command Hooks

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These easily available adjustable hooks are perfect for hanging your plants from the ceiling without drilling. Check the weight limitation of the hook before buying them. You will have to purchase stronger hooks for heavier plant pots. Peel the adhesive backing off and stick it directly against the ceiling. Now, you can twine on your plant pot over the loop of the hook to hang it.

2) Use of Suction Cup Hanger Pots for Light Weight Plants

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If you have a skylight at home, then suction cup plant pots are an ideal way to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. This allows them to stick only to smooth surfaces. It is important to note that these cups can hold a capacity of not more than 5 pounds. So, you can hang only lightweight plant pots on these types of suction cups.

3) Use of Magnetic Hooks and Strong Wall Magnet to Hang your Plants from Ceiling without Drilling

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High-strength magnetic hooks are provided with a magnetic plate with a hook attached to it. You can attach this hook to an air duct, metal fixture, or air vent on your ceiling. Also, you can go for magnetic pots which has magnets on the side of the pot to hang them on your fridge or wall. This can be a great option if you want to hang your plant on the wall.

4) Suspending Plants from the Tension Rod in a Window frame

Tension rods are usually used to hang curtains or hold your clothes in a closet. But, by fixing this tension rod above the window frame you can hang your plants effectively. This can be a great way to hang your plants if you don’t have hooks or don’t want to use them. Also, tension rods sustain enough weight to easily hold your plant pots.

5) Attaching a Trellis to Command Hooks and Hanging your plants on Bars

Trellis is a metal or wood grid used for the display of plants. You can hang the top bars of the trellis on command hooks and purchase some pots with built-in hooks for trellis hanging. You can twine the hooks over the bars of your trellis and hang your plants. This looks quite amazing.

6) Crafting a Macramé Hanger

If you know some basic knotting techniques, you can easily craft a macramé hanger. You are free to design a hanger of any shape, size, and color. They look quite pretty and elegant.

Is it safe to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling?

Having known how to hang plants from the ceiling it is equally important to consider some things before you hang your plants.

A hanging basket or pot full of wet soil and plant material may be quite heavy. But, before you hang your plants from your ceiling, make sure the structure can hold enough weight. If you have existing hooks, make sure you test them before hanging your plants.

Various bagged potting soils are heavy with peat, or composted sphagnum peat, as the primary ingredient. Peat has great water retention qualities, but it weighs more. If it weighs more, you can reduce the weight of your peat mix by adding perlite.

How much weight can a ceiling hook hold to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling?

Most of the apartments, especially in urban areas, are comprised of metal beams. These act as perfect plant hangars for the ceiling without drilling. Recent technologies in magnets allow you to hang much heavier loads safely. Some of these magnets can hold weight up to 100 lbs.

It is highly recommended to check the weight limitation for your command hooks before buying them. Typically, command hooks can hold 5–10 pounds (2.3–4.5 kg), so you can get stronger hooks for heavier plants.

There are various types of hooks available in the market according to the desired weight the hook can withstand. Make sure to check the weight, the hook can sustain and hang your plants accordingly.

Benefits of Plants in Interior Decoration:

Apart from enhancing natural beauty and greenery in your homes, research studies reveal that plants provide numerous benefits. Increased use of plants in your homes, helps in resolving both environmental and mental health problems.

1.Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Common foliage plants reduce and removes air pollutants like ozone, toluene, and benzene. This effectively helps in maintaining healthy indoor air. Studies have also shown that plants are known to reduce noise under certain conditions.

2.Reducing Stress and Feeling Contented

Attractive plants and greenery around our home please our eye, feeling happy and contented. Including plants in our interior décor has also been shown to reduce stress and mental fatigue effectively.

3.Provides better Sleep

It’s quite obvious that the above benefits help in reducing stress and provide you with more comfort. Plants release oxygen at night allowing you to have a better sleep.


Hope this article cleared your doubts regarding how to hang plants from the ceiling without drilling. You can come up with innovative and productive ideas and hang your plants. This furnishes a stunning and beautiful look to your interior décor. This enhances and allows a grand and royal look to your home. Also, providing significant aid in relieving stress and great comfort.

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