how to soundproof a room with blankets – 5 ways

how to soundproof a room with blankets – 5 ways

Have you ever felt the noisy sounds? It makes us so irritating, right? No one likes noisy sounds, especially when you want to focus on your work either office work or study! It makes you so irritating that you want just want to beat someone, huh! Yes, it does feel like this (sometimes). And, now you are here to know “how to soundproof a room with blankets”, right? Don’t worry this content is going to be super useful and super informative for you. We will discuss very effectively along with the images.

Before moving further, let’s discuss that how these noise can come. Noise can come from various sources such as from a room of your own home, your neighbors home, from outside, from construction work, and many others. Now, there are so many methods to get rid of these kinds of ugly noise. But, here we will discuss about method that will cost you nothing! We will try to make our home soundproof with the use of blankets. Yes, blankets. Sounds impossible, right?

Why use blankets to soundproof a room?

It’s the cheapest method

The very first reason that I want to tell you is “it’s the cheapest method to soundproof a room”. Yes, there are other methods too but those will cost some dollars. But, this method is completely free.

No adjustment needed

Now, if you are living in an apartment or on rent than, you are not allowed to do some sort of adjustment in your room, right? And, here blankets comes into the mode! To make your room soundproof, you don’t need to do any adjustment in your room.

Better absorb sounds and echoes

Blankets are very soft and hence, they better absorb the sound waves and make it super soft. It also helps to remove the unwanted echoes from your room.

super easy to install

Making your room with blankets is very easy task. You’ll be able to make your room soundproof withing couple of minutes. Yes, within couple of minutes! Looks like I am joking, Huh! I am not.

Can be use as interior decor

If you’ll use the blankets in a proper way it can become a good interior decor item too.

Now, let’s stop the extra discussion here and let’s jump into our main concern.

how to soundproof a room with blankets?

soundproof your wall by attaching blankets to the wall

Are you struggling with your neighbors sounds that every time came to your room? Or some construction is going on your second room? If yes, just attach the blankets to the wall and you will see your room soundproofed! But, there are some various ways to attach the blankets, some of them has been discussed below.

attach the blankets by nailing it

This is the best and most effective method to attach the blankets on your wall. Just take a hammer, some nails and a helping had and start attaching the blankets. But, keep in mind that “don’t nail it so deep in the wall”. Otherwise, it will be hard to remove when you don’t need the soundproofing.

Tape or glue the blankets

This is the temporary method that you can do but it will not be super effective. Because, glue can leave the blanket at any time.

Suspend the blankets on curtain rod

If you don’t want to nail or glue your blankets and effective result, then try this method. Just fix a curtain road on both the ends of the wall and suspend your blankets on that road.

Soundproof your room by covering the floor

If you are living in an apartment and you are getting so many voice from the room below you, then you can go with this method. Just simply cover your floor with the blankets and you’ll not get any sound from the below room.

Now, you’ll think that it will look ugly. Yes, we do agree! So, give some decoration to the blankets on floor.

Hang the blankets on your door

Door are always hard to soundproof but blankets works really well. Just cover the door with the blankets. You can nail it, glue it, or even suspend it through curtain rod!

Now, there are various method to achieve it.

Drape the blankets on the door

Draping the blankets on the door is the best and most recommended method. This will not affect your door and will work perfectly. Just make sure that the top ceiling and the door should have enough gap.

Nail the blankets on the door

Another thing you can do is nailing it on the door. But, this method will surely make your door bad and it will look ugly.

Suspend the blanket using curtain holder

This is the another method to make your room soundproof. But, it might be least effective because this blanket will not be direct contact with the doors.

Cover your windows to make your room soundproof

If you get a lot of noise from outside of your room through windows, than this method is surely for you!. Just take the blanket and cover your window with the help of glue, by nails or by curtain rod as discussed in previous ways.

But, always remember to use the high quality blankets so that they can work as decoration item too.

Cover your appliances with the blankets

Yes, some people use blankets to cover their electric appliances. But, thoroughly read the guidelines of those appliances. For example, heating appliances can become over heated when you’ll use the blankets. But, you can definitely cover mini fridge, dishwasher, washing machine to make it soundproof.

To cover the appliance with the blanket you can use the below steps-

Lay one blanket flat on the floor.

Put your appliance in the center of the blanket.

Pull your blanket so that all the sides of the blankets can be covered.

Finally, tape all the corners of the blankets.

By this method you’ll be able to cover your whole appliance and it will become soundproof.

End notes

So, let’s end the discussion here. I hope this article helped you and you found your answer on how to soundproof a room with blankets. Just make your room soundproof with these working tricks. Show your views in the comment section below. Good bye!

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