Is Ryobi 40v battery defective? Fix all defects now!

Is Ryobi 40v battery defective? Fix all defects now!

Is your Ryobi 40v battery defective? So, you are on the perfect page. Ryobi 40V is a lithium-ion battery that delivers high performance from start to end. This battery has high capacity where Lithium-ion’s extra cell gives high capacity which is perfect for higher output tools like 40V equipment.

Ideally, it is best for larger yards or jobs that need a long run time. Ryobi cordless tools are some of the best available in the market. The battery is a great combination of power, runtime, and innovation. But they also do suffer from some common problems and defects.

Sometimes Ryobi 40v battery defective is very hard to recover. This is what we are going to discuss in this post.

Usually, Ryobi 40v battery is used for House and garden equipment like a mower, blower, chainsaw pressure washer, cultivator, etc. that gives your equipment high power and performance that provides freedom from gas-powered and cords. These batteries give some extra power to equipment than other batteries.

Ryobi 40V battery has a digital display that shows remaining run time, Battery charging levels. This battery charges in 75 minutes or less. Battery feature over 50 products, providing the versatility to get the job done. Many of them are household equipment. Ryobi battery covered with a 3-year warranty. Which is a very long period for such type of products.

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Why Ryobi 40v battery defective?

Extreme Temperature – The battery can work under some range of temperature. But the moment it comes to extreme temperature the chemicals inside the battery start destroying. Finally, a moment comes when Ryobi 40v battery defects.

Charging problem – There are some indicators on the battery to check the status. If the red light is steady and the green light is flashing this means the battery is charging and if the red light is off and the green light is steady it means the battery is fully charged. If both red and green lights are flashing it means the battery is defective.

Not in use for a long time – If you don’t use your battery for a long time there is a chance the battery goes into sleep mode or some corrosion on the contact point due to dust particles. Putting your battery into a charger for a long time also causes problems.

Common ryobi 40v battery defective problems

1. Ryobi battery gets stuck in sleep mode.

2. Battery charger flashing green and red lights.

3. Battery is too hot or too cold

4. Charger not working.

5. Life span of a battery

Proven tricks to fix common ryobi 40v battery defects

Repairing the battery is somehow dangerous. Be 100% confident in what you are doing. Otherwise, leave it to the professional technician and it is highly recommended. But yes, there are some defects that can be handle on your own.

let’s look at those defects one by one –

is your battery under sleep mode? – fix it

Does your Ryobi 40v battery defective and goes under sleep mode? Do your battery flash red and green lights? Don’t worry here is the way to fix it.

What is battery sleep mode?

When your battery gets over-discharged it is called the battery is under sleep mode. The chemicals of the battery have been over-discharged and hence it is not charging. In simple meaning, your battery health is highly poor.

To wake up your ryobi 40v battery from sleep mode there are 3 ways. These ways have been listed below –

Fix it using spare battery now!

In order to wake up your battery from sleep mode you can use another spare battery. To do this, below are the step by step guide.

  1. Bring another healthy, fully charged battery with same voltage equals to your defected one.
  2. Bring thick wire. Make sure wire is not burnt.
  3. Connect positive terminal of healthy battery to the positive terminal of defected battery and connect negative terminal of healthy battery to the negative terminal of defected battery. In simple words, connect the same terminal of both the batteries to each other using wire.
  4. Left it for some time (may by 5-10 minutes)
  5. Try to charge the defected battery now, the issue must have resolved!

Does first method didn’t work for you? Don’t worry we have two more methods to try out. Let’s see one by one-

Fix your ryobi 40v battery defective using power supply

Steps are as follows –

  1. Bring a DC power supply fixed at the same voltage as of defected one.
  2. Connect the positive output to the positive terminal and negative output to the negative terminal. In simple words, connect the same polarity terminals.
  3. Leave, it as it is for some time.
  4. Try to charge the defected battery now, it must work.

Don’t have power supply or spare battery? So, you can try out the third way to fix your ryobi 40v battery defected.

You can also fix it with tiny charges

Before you go further, please consider that this methods takes time and your kind patience. Follow the steps below –

  1. Connect the charger of the defected battery to the power outlet.
  2. Place the defected battery in the charger until green light is about to flash.
  3. Once green light flashes, remove the battery from the charger as fast as possible.
  4. Repeat the steps for 30 minutes atleast.

Now you might be thinking that why does this method will work? See, by frequent charging of the battery, it gives very small amount of charge to the battery. Continuously doing this will allocates all the charge potentials and finally issue gets resolved.

Some precautions

  1. It’s better to go with technicians.
  2. Connect the exact terminal.
  3. Do not try it, if the battery has been under sleep mode for more than a week.

Is your defective battery too hot or cold?

Does your Ryobi 40v battery defective and becomes too hot or cold? We all love the modern days Lion-battery technology. But, at the same time, it becomes too hot or cold and doesn’t charge at all.

Generally, Lion-battery charges in temperature from 0o Celsius to 45o Celsius.

So, if your battery is too cold and not charging then try to bring the battery in the room temperature. Once, you notice that the temperature of the battery is good enough(normal room temperature) try to charge it again. It should work.

If your battery is too hot and not charging then try to bring the battery at cool place so that it comes at room temperature. Try to charge it now and it must work.

Is your ryobi battery corroded?

If Ryobi 40v battery defective terminals have been corroded then you can try this possible way to fix it. You can simply remove the corrosion of the terminal by rubbing it with sandpaper. Sometimes, it may not work. In this case you can change the terminal point.


If none of the above method works, we highly recommend you to get in touch with the technician. Trying more methods can destroy your battery for life time and can even create a situation of emergency. That’s all we have for this post. Hope you like our content.

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