Pampered Chef Quick Cooker Reviews | Ultimate Guide

Pampered Chef Quick Cooker Reviews | Ultimate Guide

Are you a foodie guy? Are you busy with your schedule? Want something that can cook the food fast? So, here you are! Today, we are going to discuss the pampered chef quick cooker reviews.

Pampered chef quick cooker is one of the loving brand among the users. Nowadays, people are so busy with their work that they don’t have enough time to cook. At this point, pampered chef quicker comes into the picture.

The pampered chef is a multinational company that provides kitchen appliances, gardening tools, and cook books. They are providing the comfort from a long time with their amazing products.

Today, in this particular blog we are going to consider pampered chef quick cooker. We will try to cover each things related to pampered chef. We will cover quality, durability, and many more.

Pampered chef quick cooker reviews

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Now, let’s discuss the pampered chef quick cooker. If you are in hurry you can simply go ahead and click the below button to proceed with the checkout.

Easy to use

Pampered chef quick cooker is easy to use. With a digital display, it really becomes easy to handle and easy to use. The LCD display makes it easy to monitor all the stuff. With an LCD display, you can monitor the temperature level, pressure level. It comes with a dial and push-button control. With this button, you can set the temperature level, pressure level, and custom time. For different food items, you can set the different custom time, pressure level, and temperature.

Keep in mind that in present cooking mode you can not adjust the pressure level, but you can adjust the cooking time.

Huge pressure range

The pampered chef quick cooker allows you to set 7 different pressure levels, which makes it super versatile. With different pressure levels, you can cook different types of cuisines.

The plastic case(body)

The body of the pampered chef is made up of plastic. Don’t worry due to the plastic body. Keep in mind that only the outer body is made up of plastic, not the inner one. The plastic body keeps the body of the pampered chef quick cooker cool so that you don’t burn yourself.

Pressure release button

It comes with a pressure release button. This button is present in the middle of the handle. This button is far away from the pressure release valve. It becomes useful when you want to release the pressure in the middle of the cooking.

Good capacity

This super quick cooker comes with a huge cooking space which is perfect for an average family. It comes with 6 Quart space. It has an extra-large size, which requires a little extra space. But it can be ignored in front of these super decent features.

What’s good
  • Easy to use
  • Huge pressure range
  • Pressure release button
  • Good capacity
  • Stay cool body
  • retains nutrients
What’s bad
  • Plastic outer body
  • little pricey comparing to other

Accessories with pampered chef quick cooker

In this pampered chef quick cooker reviews we will discuss the accessories package too. The pampered chef quick cooker comes with an accessories package. The package comes with a spring form pan, a ceramic pot, and a wire cradle. This cradle perfectly fits with the pan and pot. Kindly note that these accessories are not free with this cooker, you have to purchase it manually.

Ceramic pot

The ceramic pot is made with a perfect silicone cover that perfectly fits the pot and ensures that the food doesn’t fall out of it.

Springform pan

Another accessory springform pan also fits perfectly and doesn’t have a rim to catch water while you will be cooking.

Fluted cake pan

A faultless (not burned) sweet cake is everyone’s famous. The package comes with a fluted cake pan. The cake pan base is perfect nonsticking.

Reck & prep bowl set –

Make so many deserts at one time together with the help of Pampered chef Quick Cooker reck & prop bowls authorized set. This set has a 1-cup prep bowl set of six with lids, stackable steaming rack. The lids are made of sturdy plastics & stretchable silicon.

Steamer Basket

After taking a Quick Cooker you need to use their authorized steamer baskets if you intend to blanch vegetables (from asparagus to sweet potato), boil eggs, chicken breast, sausage, mussels, shrimp anytime easily for better processing. Two size baskets are available, a large & a small one. 

Why you should buy pampered chef quick cooker?

Finally, we are going to end our pampered chef quick cooker reviews discussion. For all of us, time is the most important thing that can not be back. Hence, many of us are looking for a cooker which can fast the cooking in a quick way without destroying the taste of the food. For these guys, pampered chef quick cooker is a perfect product to get started. Below are some core points that suggest that why you should buy pampered chef quick cooker –

Perfect for beginner

Are you a student? or you are a person with a busy schedule? Want to learn cooking? Do you want to explore cooking? or you want to become a chef? The pampered chef quick cooker is the perfect cooker to go with. It comes with a digital display that is easy to understand and handle. The dialler makes it easy to control the temperature, pressure level, and cooking time. If you are a beginner and want to learn cooking, we highly recommend you to go with it.

Saves time –

The pre-programmed feature of this super decent quick cooker saves a huge amount of precious time. This feature allows you to set the manual timing for cooking. This saves you from the continuous screening of the food. While your food will be ready, you’ll enjoy your time with your family.


This decent pampered chef instant cooker can be used for many purpose. If you want to boil something, you can go with it. For steaming, it is perfect. You can perform cooking too. It simply means you can use this instant cooker for many purposes.

Now, we are going to end the pampered chef quick cooker reviews with some precautions that you must follow. This is just a bonus tips for you from our love.

So, should you buy pampered chef quick cooker?

Friends I will be honest with you. This questions somehow depends upon your need. You should know what your are looking for in a quick cooker. If this pampered chef meets all your requirement you can buy it.

But, but, but I am not impressed with this super classy pampered chef quick cooker. The reason is the price of this quick cooker. I really love all the features and stylish design but it is highly priced. You can get a quick cooker in very less price comparing to the price of the pampered chef and they will also have good features.

The another reason that why I am not interested in this product is the no. of reviews on amazon. I saw only 1 review with 5 star. Buying, this can br little risky.

So, I have discussed my words in front of you. It’s all depends on your needs and requirements. There is no problem with this quick cooker other than over pricing.

Some precautions for quick cookers

Don’t leave your cooker alone – Yes, pampered chef quick cooker comes with a manual timing system that automatically cuts the power. But, it’s not good to leave your home keeping your cooker “on”. It can lead to some emergency.

Don’t extra fill – Do not extra fill the instant cooker. In most of the cooker, there is an outline up to which you can fill the grains. You should follow that max outline.

Not for deep fry – People try to make fried rice, fried chicken, and other fried recipes. You shouldn’t deep fry in an instant cooker. It can create problems in your quick cooker.

Be away from steam – Keep your hand or face away from steam while you release the pressure. Quick steams can endanger your skin.

Final Notes

In this post we tried our best provide you the pampered chef quick cooker reviews. This is one of the perfect quick cooker that you’ll love. Keep in mind that none of the product is 100% perfect. All of them will have some problem. You need to consider all the things. Check your budget, needs and requirements and go ahead for shopping.

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