Porch light color meaning and its significance

Porch light color meaning and its significance

Did you know that installing a porch light at home can be a part of your home security system? Yes, it does. You can signal precautionary messages or call for help, influence your mood, and use it for various purposes utilizing different porch light colors. Today we will be discussing about different porch light color meaning.

Specific porch light color has its distinct meaning and significance. So that you know which color to light and how you need to act at that time.

This article will offer you an insight into various porch light color meaning and their significance. This will be your better guide in understanding porch light color meaning in a much easier way. We will also assist you to install a porch light of the perfect color!

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Psychology of Porch Light Color

Psychology of color enlightens with a specific feeling or emotion. Warm colors evoke relaxation while cool colors provide an energy rush. But porch light color meanings give us a unique vibe. For the goal of seasonal affective disorder light therapy, the colors of concern are white, blue, green, red. 

It makes us global participants for various global causes without being there. The porch light allows us to celebrate various moments and create awareness for various important campaigns. So, different porch light colors convey different meanings. 

Red porch light

Meaning: Red lamp installed in their porch light fixture. It allows vision without destroying your night vision. This color also represents heat and passion.


  • Red Porch Light mainly signifies American Heart Month awareness. The American Heart Association expects cities to turn red each February to bring awareness regarding heart diseases. 
  • In America, some people may turn their porch lights red most of the time in a year depending on the occasion. Especially in October, red porch lights represent Halloween.
  • Also, in February those who celebrate Valentine’s Day will have their red porch light on.

Blue porch light meaning

Meaning: The blue color spread awareness in April. This is the color that promotes calmness, trust, and loyalty.

Cool blue lighting is known to have a positive effect on the body. It conveys a message of possessing strength and responsibility, connected to spirituality and peace. In various cultures, the meaning of blue lighting depends on the chosen shade. If you consider light blue, it is relaxing, while bold blue is refreshing. 

Blue LED lighting is an incredible idea for porch and other outdoor spaces as it promotes an increase in blood flow and healing. This color also conveys messages of solidarity and respect for police officers and their families. 


  • United Nations General Assembly held in 2007 officially declared that April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day. Three years later World Autism Awareness Days, Autism Speaks initiated a campaign called ‘Light It Up Blue’ to spread awareness about World Autism Awareness Day. 
  • In 2017, an article from ABC 10, Placer County, California residents had turned their porch lights blue to portray respect for police officers and their loved ones. 
  • Blue light helps in stimulating alertness, intensify reaction times, elevate moods, and increase the feeling of well being.
  • Blue color porch light in a house indicates that this house is a temporary safe space, open to anyone who feels uncomfortable or is facing some threat. If you just knock on their door, the residents will help you until you feel comfortable. 
  • The blue lights are meant to prohibit using drugs in store bathrooms by making it more difficult for people to see their veins. The purpose of the blue light is to “disrupt that process” and threaten people to move out of that place.
  • Therapy consisting of light sources emit a bright white light that comprises a significant amount of HEV blue light rays. Also, blue light is very crucial in rectifying circadian rhythm — insomnia.

Green porch light

Meaning: Green color is a soothing color that conveys hope and healing. This is one of the most visible colors to the human eye and instantly grabs attention. Since green is a calm tone, installing a green porch light in your outdoor lighting will create a relaxed and safe atmosphere. 

This color is also recognized as the symbol of spirituality and incurable disease awareness like Lyme disease.  


  • Switching on the green porch light is a symbol of appreciation and support for veterans. ‘Green Light a Vet’ is a campaign which is sponsored and promoted by Walmart and other military support organizations to boost awareness for veterans, service members, and their families.
  • Enlightened Landscape Lights indicates that green lights might make a reappearance in May for Lyme Disease Awareness. The Light Up Green campaign is not just a nationwide happening but occurs worldwide.
  • In March, porch lights may turn green as the world celebrates St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The intention behind a turning In single visible green light porch, or window that faces the street is that it provides a universal symbol of having gratitude, towards the incredible bravery of our vets, during and after facing the ravages of war.

Purple porch light color meaning

Meaning: Purple color is the highest-energy light in the spectrum. Its wavelength is short and requires a high amount of energy.

Feelings of inspiration and wisdom are provoked by a light purple color. While dark purple lighting induces people to feel frustrated or sad, cool purple, on the other hand, stimulates creativity and eccentrics. This charming and magical color provides a sense of wealth, especially when light shades of purple are used.


  • The purple porch light is usually turn on to create awareness for domestic violence. This trend began in 2007 through the Domestic Violence Task Force in Covington, Washington, which declares Enlightened Landscape Lights. The Domestic Violence Task Force aimed to raise awareness of domestic violence through its campaign called Purple Light Nights. Maximum households turned on their purple porch lights in October to support this cause.
  • In the UK, turning on purple porch lights represents Epilepsy Awareness and several people support those people who are suffering from this illness by turning on their purple porch lights in March.

Orange porch light meaning

Meaning: By switching on orange porch lights, creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and makes a great choice for lighting. This color resembles endurance, creativity, and friendship with some tints of orange being associated with the earth and changing seasons.

When you choose orange LED lighting for your porch, you convey the message of commanding attention without the overwhelming feelings that are connected with red. Orange is an excellent and favorable porch light color to welcome your guests.


  • During sunset, orange lights are seen lighting on porches all around, intended as a sign of support for police. 
  • In the state of Indiana, specifically in the city of Delphi, in 2017, orange porch lights conveyed a cry for justice for murder victims Abigail Williams and Libby German by a home-grown serial killer. 

Even after the arrest, the Delphi community appreciated the victim’s life and their role in protecting their children by turning on orange porch lights every March.

Local stores sold only orange porch lights for months and all the income went to the families of the victims. Since the victims escaped, orange porch lights have been turned on to stand for the community’s support to the police in locating the serial killer. 

Yellow Color Porch Light

Meaning: This color is a highly prominent lighting hue after white. It promotes brain functioning and builds optimism. The lighter shades of yellow are attributed to sunshine and happiness. Installing yellow LED lighting on your porch, enables communication and unity, thus making this color an outstanding choice. 


  • Turning on the yellow porch light get rid of bugs away according to Science Alert. It makes the surroundings dim and warm making it complicated for them to trace the real light source. In very cold regions, yellow porch lights strengthen the warmth especially on days, when it consumes a long time for the sun to rise. 
  • In neighborhoods with high crime rates and gang violence is uncontrolled, yellow porch light means that the house is selling crack.

Pink porch light meaning

Meaning: Pink is warm and feminine. It is a hue that brings glamor to an outdoor space. It symbolizes passion, friendship, and harmony. Also, this color represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to convey playfulness, while light pink is used to convey tenderness.


  • Pink light is generally associated with a remarkable calming effect but when it comes to porch lights, it means something else. For one, pink porch lights emerged as a message of assistance and comfort for a student of Sheaf Road Elementary School in Wappinger Falls, New York who was then battling a rare type of leukemia. This story was published in WDPH in 2018. 
  • In 2016, pink porch lights were turned on the entire November in Nebraska to memorize the lives of the six family members who died in a house fire in rural Nehawka. 

Quick tips for choosing the right porch light color

  • Your porch light should be able to attract guests and not moths, so be sure to select a warm, soft glow that’s not too bright. Otherwise, there will be a huge gather of moths rather than your guests partying on your porch.
  • If your porch light is too little or large, it can detract from your home’s character. To find the right size outdoor lights, make sure you review their dimensions before buying.
  • Porch lights shouldn’t pull too much attention in terms of color. 
  • For example, white is a popular shade that doesn’t attract the eye much, while pink will induce a stir. Softer light colors like cream or beige function perfectly to develop a subtle interest for dark porches plus they won’t attract unwanted attention from burglars.
  • As a general thumb rule, the maximum brightness of your porch light should be at least 70 watts so that your neighbors won’t get upset. The compact fluorescent light bulbs are a better option to leave at night as they are highly energy-efficient. They last longer than incandescent bulbs, although the latter generates a warmer and softer glow.
  • Since, both fluorescence and incandescent bulbs glow bright, LED lights are more durable but aren’t as bright as their established counterparts, which makes them ideal for subtle, long-term lighting on the porch. 


Porchlight colors like red, blue, purple, and green resemble all sorts of important matters. Right from heart health to honoring veterans, domestic violence awareness, and more, if you are about to change the color of your porch light then this will be your best guide.

As you may have discovered by now, different porch light colors represent different meanings. From paying and honoring respect to veterans to raising awareness. But at the same time, each color provokes certain emotions and feelings. So, if you are deciding to change your porch light color, it would be better if you thoroughly research regarding Its conceivable meaning and psychological impact on your mood.

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