How to play red door yellow door – an addictive paranormal game

How to play red door yellow door – an addictive paranormal game

Have you ever heard about red door yellow door? Do you want to know about this game? So, this post is going to be the perfect answer for your query. In this post we are going to discuss about red door yellow door game. We will discuss how to play this game, is it really scary, should you play this game and much more. We will not only discuss how to play this game, but also some core things that you should never do while playing this game. Just cross your fingers and start reading the content.

There are some of the things that you must check before moving further. As per my suggestion don’t read this article if you are a weak heart person. If you are reading this article, read it at your own risk. Because, this game has been found really scary on the internet!

So, without wasting any time let’s discuss about the red door yellow door game.

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How to play red door yellow door?

Red door yellow door is a scary game. This game is played at sleepovers. This game has so many names for eg – “red door yellow door”, “Black door white door”, or “doors of mind”.

To play this game you need 2 people. One person will guide you while the other will play the game. Other people can watch them quietly.

Step 1:

red door yellow door

The person who will guide the player will sit on the floor. The guider will cross the legs and take the pillow on the lap. Then, the player will sleep over the floor with their head on the pillow and close your eyes as it has been shown in the image above.

Step 2:

Now, raise your hand in the air and be relax as much relax as you can be. Keep in mind that the eyes must be close throughout the game.

Step 3:

Now, the guider will start massaging your temples with their fingers in a circular motion. While massaging, the guider and other people who are watching will sing “red door yellow door” over and over again.

Step 4:

When you feel yourself into sleeping mode with deep hypnosis and you see a room with doors then slowly down your hands. At this time massaging should not be stopped and chanting too.

Step 5:

Now, the guider will ask some question relating to the game and the player will have to imagine this and answer too.

The guider can ask questions like –

Are you in a room?

What is the color of the room?

How does it look likes?

Can you see the door?

Open the door?

Now, what you can see?

So, this is how this game is played.

Red door yellow door – fake or real?

When we explore this game and read about various incidence on this game we found that this game is more like a fake. Now, it doesn’t mean that it’s not scary. It is scary! But the level of the scariness has been over discussed on the internet. Due to this it has created a deep fear among the people.

There are so many people who found it really scary and hard to handle the situation within the game but there are also other people who didn’t find it scary.

So, red door yellow door game is fake or real? The answer varies from person to person. For people with strong mind set and strong control on their emotions will not find this game scary while the person with weak heart and weak control over emotions can find it scary. So, it depends person to person.

Never do these things while playing red door yellow door

Don’t interact the people inside the room – If you see some people inside the room while you were playing the game then don’t try to interact with the people. It is believed that these people turn out to be witches, evil or something like this and they will try to trick you.

Leave immediately if you see clocks – If you see a room full of clocks then leave the game immediately. These clocks can trap you. These clocks are supposed to highly hypnosis and it might become difficult to come back from the hypnosis.

Move on upper floors and not in basement – While playing the game it is highly recommended that always move on upper floor and be away from the basement of the room. The basement can trap you with deep hypnosis.

Try to wake up if you trapped – In case you you feel that you have been trapped in the game and unable to open the eye, then keep forcing your eyes to open otherwise it might create a big problem for you. It might be possible that you’ll be trapped in the game forever.

Keep you dare – Don’t lose yourself in the game. It is generally said that if you die in the game then you could also die in reality.

Leave the game immediately if you feels uneasy – If you found a man in a suit and he makes you feel uneasy then immediately leave the game otherwise you could be trapped in the game and even die.

Shake the payer until he awakes- It might be possible that the player will not be able to speak because he has been trapped in the game. If player takes too long to respond, then start shaking him until he awakes.

Should you play or not?

There is no doubt that this game sounds crazy. This game has been discussed on the internet so much that it has created deep fear among the young generation. There is nothing to worry about, but yeah for some people it can be dangerous.

Now, playing this red door yellow door game depends on your mind set. If you are strong enough to handle the situation inside the game, then go and play!

Some FAQs on Red door yellow door game

Is it okay to play with kids?

No, we suggest you to play with people older than 18 years. Kids can be trapped into the game.

Can red door yellow door affect my mind?

Yes, depending upon your mental and emotional strength. If you have strong mental and emotional strength then it might not affect you!

Is red door yellow really scary?

Yeah, it’s scary. But, it depends from person to person. People with strong mindset can found this game a joke!

What if this game gone wrong?

If this game gone wrong, then you should put your all efforts to wake up the player. If player wakes up and still he have fear and getting scary dreams, then go for psychologist.

The end notes

Now, I am going to complete my words here only. I hope you have found this game super useful. Please share your feedback in the comment section below so that I can improve my self. And, I really wanna say thanks to you guys for your valuable time and patience!

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