5 reasons why people use red porch light | red porch light meaning

5 reasons why people use red porch light | red porch light meaning

Currently it is one of the trending query on the internet. Lot of people are searching for red porch light meaning. In this post we will begin our journey with meaning and why it is trending, then we will move to the answer of the red porch light and some various uses of red porch light.

So, without wasting any time let’s start our journey and see the meaning of red porch light color.

Do you know? Light plays a very important role in a person’s life. Yes, it does play some crucial role. Light is the thing that creates your mood, create joyful moment, and it gives some super decent looks to your beautiful home. A better porch light will definitely makes your mood better and gives glossy looks.

Now, we have discussed the importance of light in a person’s life. Now, it’s time to discuss the meaning of red porch light. So, let’s see what red porch color implies?

Red porch light meaning

There are so many discussion over the internet on red porch light meaning, but still the answer is hidden. Actually, there are so many reasons to have red porch light on outdoor. So, we are going to consider all the necessary meanings of red porch light. Here, I’ll try my best to answer your query.

For easy vision in night

In night when you want to come out of your home’s garden or front yard but at the same time you don’t want white intense light to fall on your retina, then red light is the best light to use. Many people uses red light in front of their porch, just because they don’t want white light. Now, question arises, why only red? The reason is red porch light doesn’t affect your vision when you move from high intense light to low intense light. Have you ever notice when you go from high intense light to some dark place(like your room in night) it becomes difficult to see. This is the reason that why people uses red light in porch.

Red porch light – awareness on heart disease

In the month of February you’ll see many red light in porch of homes. Because red light on porch signifies the heart disease awareness among people of United States. The American Heart Association guide people to turn their porch light into red to spread awareness of heart disease among people.

To celebrate Halloween

In the month of October people turn their porch light into red just to celebrate Halloween. Because, red porch light bring more scary lighting and people enjoy Halloween in more joyful mood.

A myth on red porch light

Recently many people was considering it as a gun-free home. People were thing that red porch light in outdoor of homes implies that this home is gun-free. But, it has been found that it was just a myth and you should be aware of it.

So, what is the exact meaning of red porch light?

To be honest friends, their is no one complete answer for red porch light meaning. People uses red porch light based on their thoughts. For some people red porch light is symbol of heart disease awareness in United States, for some other people it is more suitable for night vision, some people uses it to celebrate Halloween in the month of October while other people uses it to make their environment more romantic to celebrate valentine.

All these are based on their need and how they want to use red porch light. So, their is no clear answer. It’s still an open ended question.

How should you use red porch light?

Their is nothing wrong in using red porch light in the outdoor of home. But this question “How should you use red porch light?” depends upon your way of thinking and how actually interpret this color. You can either is it for some decoration purpose or to spread awareness about heart disease.

So, what’s my suggestion? I’ll highly suggest you to use it to spread awareness about heart disease. Decorating your outdoor with red porch light is good but using it for the intention of heart disease is super good. In America their are so many people who get affected through heart disease each year. This heart disease population is increasing each year. So, using red porch light for the intention of heart disease will not only bring some decoration but also a positive attitude to cure heart disease and will spread awareness.

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A bye bye note

So, I hope you understood the meaning of red porch light, right? In brief red porch light implies several things that depends person to person. But it highly represent the women heart disease awareness.

Comment your views on red porch light for better clarification.

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