5 surprising red porch light meanings (2021) and why your neighbor use it?

5 surprising red porch light meanings (2021) and why your neighbor use it?

Do you see your neighbors’ homes with different porch lights colors? Sometimes red, sometimes green, or even sometimes orange? And, finally, a question triggers to your mind “why people are using different porch light colors?”, are they doing any kind of competition? Hah, not at all! In this article, we are going to answer your queries. We are going to see what is the red porch light meaning?

In America, most people use red porch lights to spread about women’s heart disease awareness. American Heart Association ran a campaign called “illuminate your home red” whose motive was to spread women’s heart disease awareness by turning the porch light into the red.

But, there are also many other interesting reasons behind the red porch light. This reason changes from time to time, people to people and season to season. Let’s see all the meanings one by one!

Red porch light meaning

Did you ever saw your neighbors turning their porch light “red”? Sometimes even orange porch light or green porch light. And you must be got confused with all this versatile use of colors, right? Don’t worry! I was also confused for the first time. We are going to see the red porch light meanings.

Let’s see the red porch light meanings in a brief and then, we will go deep into each meaning of red light bulbs.

  • Red porch light promotes awareness of women’s heart disease
  • It is also a color that is used in the month of Halloween to celebrate it.
  • It is also used for easy vision at night.
  • Some people say red light is used to show a “gun-free” homes.
  • much more…

Red porch light – awareness on women’s heart disease

In America, most people use red porch lights to support women’s heart disease awareness campaigns. You’ll see almost every home, shop, marts, decorated with red light bulbs in the month of February. All of them are supporting women’s heart disease awareness campaigns.

Do you know, every year so many people get infected from heart diseases? And, the counts of females are more than the counts of males in this stats. Every year approximately 647,000 American dies from heart disease. Shocked, right? I too when I did research over it!

Since heart disease is the major cause of death in America so, American Heart Association ran a campaign called “illuminate your home red” whose purpose was to bring awareness about women’s heart health by turning the porch color into red. The focus was to bring red color to every home.

You should also engage in this movement! After all, women play a big role in our life, from the time of birth to the time of death. We should definitely support this movement and we should also turn our porch red.

To celebrate Halloween

You must have seen the red porch light in the month of October, right? After all, it’s a month of Halloween! People turn their entire porch into red color. The simplest reason for turning the entire home into red is “red looks scarier than any other colors”.

gun-free home – A myth on red porch light

Recently many people were considering it as a gun-free home. Some people think that a red porch implies “a home free from guns”. But, it has been found that it was just a false story and you should be aware of it.

For easy vision at night

Did you ever notice blue colors, white colors, or maybe yellow color bulbs make it hard to visible? I’m sure you must have noticed this! There are also many people in this world who use red porch lights for just easy vision at night. Red light has the largest wavelength and it stimulates melatonin. Do you know these naturally produced hormones help to sleep better? Yeah!

Since red light makes easy vision and helps to sleep better, therefore, many people use red porch light.

To celebrate the Valentine’s Day

You must love red light if you are romantic, don’t you? There are also so many people who use the red porch light just because February is the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

So, what is the exact meaning of red porch light?

To be honest friends, there is no one specific red porch light meaning. People use red porch lights based on their thoughts. For some people, red light is a symbol of heart disease awareness in the United States, for some other people it is more suitable for night vision, some people use it to celebrate Halloween in the month of October while other people use it to make their environment more romantic to celebrate valentine.

All these are based on their need and how they want to use the red porch light. So, there is no clear answer. But, maximum people are using it to bring awareness about women’s heart disease as it is the major concern of death in America.

How should you support red porch light?

There is nothing wrong with using red light bulbs in outdoor of home. But this question “How should you support red porch light?” depends upon your way of thinking and how you actually interpret this color. You can either use it for some decoration purpose or to spread awareness about heart disease.

Would you like to go with my suggestions? I’ll highly suggest you to use red-colored lights to spread awareness about heart disease. In America, there are so many people who get affected by heart disease each year. This heart disease population is increasing each year. So, using red porch lights to support women’s heart health will bring an important change in society. After all, women are more important for us, aren’t they?


What is the meaning of a blue porch light?

Blue porch light is mainly used to promote world autism awareness day. It’s also a color that promotes the respect for police and their family.

What does green porch light means?

Green porch light mainly used to appreciate the Veterans for their super hard work for the nation. It is also used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on 17th March of every year.

What does a purple porch light mean?

The purple light on the porch mainly shows the American Women’s Movement. It is also used to create awareness against domestic violence and abuse.

What does an orange porch light mean?

Orange porch light symbolizes the justice for the murder of victims Abigail Williams and Libby German by a homegrown serial killer. Also, many people use it because it’s a warm color and gives awesome lighting.

What does a pink outside light mean?

Pink light in porch promotes the awareness on breast cancer.

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A bye bye note

So, I hope you understood the meaning of red porch light, right? In brief red porch light implies several things that depend on person to person. But it highly represents women’s heart disease awareness.

Comment your views on red porch light for better clarification.

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