Thermostat not reaching set temperature?

Thermostat not reaching set temperature?

When it’s too hot outside what I all want is cold inside, right? But, what if your thermostat doesn’t work properly? Is your thermostat not reaching set temperature?

Don’t worry!

We are here to discuss and will find the proper solution. First of all, we will see that why your thermostat temperature not changing. Then, we will look at the best solution that can work.

But, before we start.

It’s always better to call an HVAC professional technician if you are facing some serious issue with your thermostat. But, before you call you can check the core problem and try to solve it.

In case, these solutions don’t work for your thermostat, please call a technician.

So, let’s start with “Why thermostat can’t reach the set temperature?“.

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Why thermostat can’t reach the set temperature?

If the room temperature doesn’t match the thermostat setting then there could be many reasons for that. It has been seen sometimes that thermostat changes the temperature on its own.

First of all, we have to understand the core reasons for the unresponsive thermostat. And, then we will see the proper solution for the same.

So, shall we start now?

1. The thermostat is not changing the temperature because it is not calibrated properly

Check your thermostat carefully. Does it contain dust particles inside it? Sometimes, dust goes inside the thermostat due to which it doesn’t work properly.

But why?

Because the dust particle can cause the thermostat to misread the temperature or lose the connection with the HVAC system.

Solution: Recalibrating your thermostat is very easy. Just take a thermometer. Now, place this thermometer beside your unresponsive thermostat. Note down the temperature difference between the thermometer and thermostat.

If the temperature difference is more than 2 degrees, call an HVAC professional. Otherwise, recalibrate your thermostat on your own!

2. Air ducts may interrupting the air flow

thermostat not reaching set temperature? Sometimes air ducts contain a large amount of dust inside it. This dust compromises the airflow in the AC system. This becomes a huddle for the proper airflow.

So, what should I do now?

Solution: In order to deal with the air duct, it’s better to call an HVAC technician. Because a small wrong step can affect your room’s airflow. This would create new problems for you.

3. Your thermostat might be super dirty or broken

If your thermostat setting and temperature do not match then might be your thermostat is dirty. Dust might have entered the thermostat. A dirty thermostat can lose its connection with HVAC.

A dirty thermostat can read the wrong temperature and will never reach the set temperature.

Solution: Clean your thermostat carefully and very clearly. It just follows some simple steps. You can clean your thermostat by using a soft brush.

4. thermostat not reaching set temperature? – Your thermostat is at wrong location

If your room temperature is different from the thermostat temperature then it might be at the wrong location. A wrong location can cause your thermostat to miss read the temperature.

Solution: Move your thermostat to an optimum location for better working. The thermostat at the better location will work perfectly.

5. Your thermostat has lost the power

Did you check the battery of the thermostat? Does it have enough power to operate your thermostat accurately? Might be not! If this is the case you’ll have the change the battery of the thermostat for better accuracy.

Solution: Simply, change the battery of the thermostat. A low-charged battery will never operate your thermostat to work properly.

What if the above methods don’t work?

Most probably, the above methods will work. But in case it doesn’t work and doesn’t cause your thermostat to work properly then reset your thermostat.

Factory data reset of a thermostat will surely work for you.

But, how to reset the thermostat?

We are going to discuss it in the next heading, keep reading!

How do I reset my thermostat?

Resetting your thermostat is very simple but different for different types of thermostats. Now, you have to check what type of thermostat you are using.

The best way to reset a thermostat is to read the documentation of your thermostat. they’ll be able to help you to reset your thermostat.

When should I replace my thermostat?

A thermostat is one of the most important device for your HVAC system. Hence, it should always work perfectly. Otherwise, it can cause your HVAC system to be unresponsive.

So, instead of DIY. You should change the thermostat. Below I am going to discuss some core reasons that when should you replace the thermostat.

Does your HVAC system keep turning on or off?

Does your HVAC system keeps turning on or off along with the wrong reading of the thermostat?

Remember! The thermostat is the line of communication for your HVAC system. So, wrong reading or an unresponsive thermostat can damage your HVAC system.

So, instead of correcting your faulty thermostat please replace it with a new one.

Are you getting high energy bills?

If you are getting a high energy bill when your thermostat is not working properly then it’s better to change it.

A thermostat that doesn’t work properly will force your HVAC system to overwork and hence will consume large electricity.

So, it’s better to replace your thermostat with a new one so that problem can be resolved.

Does thermostat changes temperature on its own?

Is your thermostat changes temperature on its own? Does it continuously changes temperature without any warning?

So, bring your thermostat to the lowest temperature and again at your desired temperature. If it works well, keep using it.

Otherwise, call a technician or get a new thermostat.

Does your HVAC system have short cycles?

If yes, change the thermostat before something gets more serious. If your AC stops cooling before complete cooling then it’s a fault of your thermostat.


Why is my house temperature not going down?

There could be many reasons for this problem. The most common is the unresponsive thermostat. If your thermostat is unresponsive or not changing temperature then change it or take some DIY actions.

What are the symptoms of a bad home thermostat?

There are many symptoms of a bad thermostat. A bad thermostat will cause your HVAC system to be on or off, thermostat will not change the temperature, it will remain too cool, etc.

How do I know if my thermostat is broken?

The most common way to check if the thermostat is broken is to look at the display. If it doesn’t show anything then thermostat is either broken or not charged.

Is there a reset button on a thermostat?

Usually, thermostat contains two arrow buttons to reset the temperature. You can play with these buttons or you can read articles on the “reset button on thermostat“.

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