What is the most widespread coffee in the world? – Arabica, Robusta and Liberica

What is the most widespread coffee in the world? – Arabica, Robusta and Liberica

Is your everyday dose of coffee just the right amount? Are you inquisitive to find out what coffee holds the position of being globally popular? Thinking what is the most widespread coffee in the world? Searching for your favourite go-to drink amongst the many in the market? Perhaps a little coffee education? Then this is a blog for you. In this blog post we are going to discuss “what is the most widespread coffee in the world?”.

When you are going through a rough day either at your workplace or just while gliding through your daily chores, a sip of coffee is all you need. One sip of your most flavourful coffee can instantly lighten your mood and give you all the energy to roll up your sleeve and get on with your work. Well, what you need to know is that a lot goes into making the little bliss you sip on all of your early rises and the tiny break times.

The origin of coffee

We all cherish the lovely times we spend while having our most delightful drink however let’s dip a little into the origin of coffee. Well, the story of its origin will surely leave you astonished and amazed. 

Coffee was first spawned in the highlands of Ethiopia. Kaldi, a legend back in the 9th century, noticed a spirited change in his goats after consuming berries from a certain tree. Stumbling upon this odd behaviour he lured his way back to inform his findings of the monks in a monastery. A monk was ecstatic to make the brew from those very berries which allowed them to stay up longer chanting prayers. 

While some beg to differ and mention another plot in the story. Another story claims that when Kaldi offered the beans to the monks rejected their use and ambushed them into the fireplace. This resulted in a crisp and pleasant aroma and gave birth to the first roasted coffee. Eventually, the widespread news gave this recipe life as it travelled from the east to the west. Paving its way through the streets of America and households of southeast Asia. Ever since then we all have been stupefied by the very invention of coffee. Well, who knows what the truth beholds but either way this invention has descended down and comes to us in piping hot cups of flavour and delight. 

What is the most widespread coffee in the world?

Arabica – one of the most widespread coffee in the world

Speaking statistically, Arabica ranks in the highest position in being the most widespread coffee in the world. It accounts for 55 to 60% of world production. The arabica beans are extracted from a coffee plant namely arabica. This delicious package found its origin in Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. It is said that the beans from these plants had been exported from Ethiopia around the 7th century. The name ‘coffee’ was conceived by the Aram scholars as they brewed this beverage upon its arrival. The highest production of this coffee is in Brazil. 

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There are more than 80 different types of Arabica Coffee based on variable characteristics and different species. Some varieties include Catuai, Gesha, Novo Caturra, etc. Out of which, Typica and Bourbon are more popular and commonly used around the world.

The taste of Arabica Coffee

Taste depends on a various number of factors. Some of them include the grown soil, specific roast of the coffee, and the brewed temperature. Most commonly, the arabica taste features a sweeter side. The coffee has a mild level of bitterness and acidity factor. Most of the coffee you notice on regular shelves belongs to the Arabica kind unless it is specifically mentioned otherwise. Proper storage of coffee plays an important role in the preservation and taste of coffee. 

After Arabica, what is the most widespread coffee in the world? It is Robusta and then Liberica. 

Robusta Coffee – another most widespread coffee in the world

Robusta makes around 35 to 40% of coffee production around the globe. Produced on a large scale in Vietnam, the Robusta coffee is easier and cheaper to cultivate. It can withstand all HIgh temperatures and all other unfavourable conditions. When taste is considered, robusta coffee has 2.5% more caffeine than Arabica and therefore it is harsh and bitter. It is a great complement with harsh taste, deep flavour and creme.

Liberica Coffee – one more widespread coffee that you can try

Named after Liberia (country of origin), Liberica is a low yield coffee. It is produced in Africa and Asia. It requires a suitable climate to grow. The Philippines manufactures this type of coffee on a large scale. With a smoky aroma, it is stronger than Arabica and Robusta. It has a lower caffeine concentration and is known as liquid tobacco.

After knowing what is the most widespread coffee in the world, you might also be wondering if coffee is good for your health.


Which country produces the most coffee in the world 2020?

Brazil, produces the highest volume of coffee in the world.

What type of coffee is most popular?

Arabica is the most popular coffee among people, then robusta.

Which coffee is best for health?

Taking 1-2 cups of black coffee reduces the cardiovascular diseases, inflammation level in the body, and have good amount of antioxidants.

Is coffee better than tea?

Coffee has more amount of caffeine than tea. So, coffee is good for those who want instant energy. But, large consumption of caffeine can have serious health problems.


The finest coffee beans depend on your taste preference, method of preparation and the quality of coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, Arabica will be the perfect coffee for you. Go for Robusta if you prefer, strong and bitter taste. Many manufacturers prefer blending both of these for a mixture of a different taste.

We hope this article proves to be helpful, informative and answers your question; what is the most widespread coffee in the world? We hope we can be of use to you for your future difficulties and wish you the best of luck!

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