What’s the average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house? How to reduce it?

What’s the average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house? How to reduce it?

Recently, there were a lot of people searching “average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house”. And, surprisingly the search has been increased as time passed. So, I decided to make full informative content that can provide all the necessary information related to electricity bill.

We will discuss almost all the things. What’s the average electricity bill for 3 or 4 bedroom house? How can I reduce my monthly electricity bill efficiently? What are the other things to consider? Everything!

I did all the research for you so that you don’t have to do it. Just eat the popcorn and read the article till the end.

Average PG&E bill for 3 bedroom house?

To be very quick, the approximate bill of electricity for 3 bedroom house with 2 residents should lie around $80 to $95 and with 3 residents it should be between $95 to $100.

Recently, in October 2020, California imposed state-wise fee on PG&E. Due to this, PG&E increased their electricity price so that they can cover the imposed fee.

So, PG&E increased 31 cents for residential customers. So in August people had to pay an average electricity bill of $181.21 a month. This bill includes the average residential electric bill of $127.40 and an average gas bill of $53.81.

Now, it has been expected that the average monthly electricity bill will be increased by $3.

Let’s calculate the average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house

In order to calculate the average bill for 3 bedroom house you’ll have calculate your kilowatt-hours, usage time, and cost per kilowatt-hour. Having these three metrics, you’ll be able to calculate the average monthly bill.

With these thing kept in mind the average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house comes out to be $130-$170.

What’s the average electricity bill for 4 bedroom house?

The average electricity bill for 4 bedroom house should be calculate in the same way as we calculated for 3 bedroom house. But, due to increase in square feet and decrease in household size, the average space for each person has been doubled ( from 560 to 1068 SF/person ).

Now, based on this data we can say that average electricity bill for 4 bedroom house can be increased by $55 – $120 assuming average cost of electricity is from $0.7 to $.10 per square feet.

Another method that you can try to estimate the average electricity bill is to multiple the total square feet with $0.7 to $0.10.

How to calculate the average electricity bill?

Calculating the average electricity bill is quite simple but difficult get close estimate. But, if you do it in a right way, you can get the close estimate of the bill.

In 2018, The US  US Energy Information Administration, determined that average electricity bill in united state is $117.65.

Therefore, we can say that average house in United States consumes 914 Kilowatt-hours of electricity at average cost of 12.87 cents.

Average bill = (average KWh × Average ¢ per kWh)÷ 100

Does average cost depends on states also?

Yes! Average cost of electricity varies with region and state. Places like Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Alaska have higher average electricity bill with approximately more than $160. The high cost is due the cold environment in these places.

On the other hand places like Idaho, Washington, Dakota, Louisiana have low electricity bill which is less than $150.

So, in order to accurately estimate the average bill of electricity it is important to know the average electricity bill in your area.

Why my electricity bill is high and How can I reduce it?

Electric appliance draining power continuously

Whenever you leave your home, you might be switching off all the lights, lamps, adjust temperature, and many more. But, you might forgot to unplug the electric appliances.

Do you know, kitchen appliances, computer, smart devices, etc continuously drains power even if they are not in use? Yes, it constantly drains power if plugged in with electric board.

So, always plug-out the electric appliances when they are not in use. It will surely save the energy and your money too!

Inefficient light bulbs or lamps

When you go to market to buy a light bulb, which kind of light bulb do you purchase? There are so many types of light bulbs to purchase but they all consume energy at different levels.

So, always try to purchase light bulbs that are efficient as well as energy saver. If possible, try to buy LED bulbs as they consume 75% less energy than other light bulbs.

Less efficient electric appliances

Older appliances get wear and tear as it comes into use for a longer period of time. New appliance consumes less energy as they are more efficient.

Always try to purchase ENERGY STAR appliances as they consume 10%-50% less energy. And, hence, it will directly affect your electric bill positively.

Use energy only when you need it

Use your fridge, air conditioner, appliances, light bulbs, fans only when you really need it. By this way you’ll be able to save money as well as you’ll be contributing to “save energy, save life”.

Wrapping up

I hope you understood the average electricity bill for 3 bedroom house. I tried my best to explain each and everything. Just keep in mind that average electricity bill in united state should be around $117.65. I hope you loved our content. Do share your feedback.

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