‘You Enter a Bedroom’ | Riddle with Answer

‘You Enter a Bedroom’ | Riddle with Answer

Do you like to be challenged and test your intelligence with teasing and baffling riddle? Well, most of us love to solve puzzles and riddles during our spare time. Solving a tricky riddle is a bit confusing but the process of trying to reveal the answer is quite interesting. Here we have a very popular riddle called “you enter a bedroom”.

While pandemic, during the lockdown time, while most of them were involved in watching Netflix and playing games, the rest of the people were busy puzzling out the riddle called ‘You enter a bedroom’. This made them remain active and engaged. And this riddle was found to be viral on various social media platforms. Many of them were active and enthusiastic with this riddle. 

Most of them were found to be battling to find the answers to this riddle. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, etc, were seen to be loaded with various arguments and solutions to this riddle. Well, let’s discuss and solve this riddle providing you an appropriate answer. 

You entered a bedroom riddle

If you are ready to challenge your intelligence so here it goes the riddle:

You enter a bedroom. There are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?

Take a long breath, take a notebook, pen and start calculating how many are in the bedroom. I highly suggest you to do your own calculation first and then look at the answers. So, without wasting any single minute, let’s discuss the answer of this riddle.

Answering “you enter a bedroom” riddle

Some wrong answers in discussion

If you consider this as a mathematical equation then you would end up subtracting 30 from 34 to get the answer 4. But this is not the right answer.

Some argue that the answer would be 5 considering that there are 34 people in the room. If you enter the room it will add to 35. So, if you subtract 30 from 35 you get the answer 5. But this is again not the right answer.

Some people might again end up with the answer 34 because there are 34 people in the bedroom including you. So, the total would be 34. But, also, this is not the right answer.

The question is how many are in the bedroom, and not how many people are alive. So many of them have got confused over this and ended up with answer 4 or 5.

The correct answer of “you enter a bedroom”

so, what’s the answer? Let’s discuss it more deep. Let’s recall the riddle and start finding the perfect answer –

You enter a bedroom. There are 34 people. You kill 30. How many are in the bedroom?

The first statement states that when ‘you’ enter the bedroom there are already 34 people. So, including you, there are total of 35 people. Based on the second statement in the riddle, 30 people are killed by you. So, you might be thinking that 5 people has been left. But, here is the catch! Now, read the last sentence that says “how many are in the bedroom”. It says how many are in the bedroom and it is not asking “how many are alive in the bedroom”. So, the correct answer would be 35.

So, 34 people, including you are 35. Then the right answer is 35.


There are a lot of people arguing online regarding the answer to the riddle ‘ you enter the bedroom’, and some of them have got the wrong answer. But still, this riddle has always been a hot debate.

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